The Age Old Story Continues…

When I was a young boy, asking Mom why evil exists – she gave me the answer that any loving Mom would give her young son…only God knows why, and then on different days when Dad was in a good mood and the world was bright and cheery for a time – her offering was that God didn’t create evil, Lucifer did.

Of course none of this makes any sense, for if God created all, then He/She/It must have had their hands in an inkling in the beginnings of evil – before anything existed, even evil.

The small mind of this writer doesn’t have an answer to such ethereal thinking, and as most of us – when talking to ourselves, alone with our own thoughts, distracted by melt-downs from our lives gone astray – we really have no answers to the everyday bullshit we succumb to each day, let alone to that which has bewitched generations past and present.

And so, we make up shyte so that we might understand that which cannot be understood…at least in this lifetime.

Why are children stricken with cancer? Why does cancer and other life altering and life ending diseases that turn a human into a suffering blob of skin and bones even exist?

The age old story, so we’re told, is the battle between good and evil. But where did it all begin? Where did good and evil originate? The Garden of Eden? Okay…but what about before that?

Has life, in all it’s various forms just been one shyte-fest after another?

The great writers have pondered such dilemma’s, and not able to explain it all in a matter-of-fact type of way, write fictional tales of that which they cannot explain.

If “goodness” is the preferred way of the universe, why is it so seldom rewarded? Has evil, no matter the age it displays itself in, been so welcomed that it is given the universal red carpet throughout history?

Evil, decadence, lies, propaganda, and every other form of wickedness that is opposite goodness has made its way, like a slithering snake, into the hearts and minds of human kind.

We have a government (Washington) that destroys other nations, and most of us sit on the sidelines and either applaud or yawn. Our government thinks it more important to award the corporations of the military industrial complex billions, rather than enriching the lives of its own citizens, and more often than not, just easing the burden of their own, mired in poverty, depression and ugliness that our fellow brethren live with day in and day out.

Our governments’ offerings of absolute insanity is applauded…is even considered to be the guidelines of rational thought – deemed to be worthy of advanced thinking – it is nothing more than bullshit.

Most of us sit on the sidelines, bent over at the neck, mesmerized by the latest “dick” offerings of our fellow (and lost) travelers presented to us on devices that emit radiation, bewitched into believing the guano before our eyes and minds holds the key to the now or hereafter. Such rot!

We cast aside the offerings of the great authors, the essayist’s, the artist’s, the musician’s of each day and age before us, who chose not to flatter the ignorant, the lazy, the willfully uneducated – but rather present hope of a better way – a way outside ourselves – a way outside the psychopath’s lair of insanity.

Yet our vanities, our wanting to be included in the current slop of nothingness offered  by the modern day, is the invitation we convince ourselves we need for a life better than our own – this is what we fall for – the emptiness of the ages.

The fleeting notion that it is somehow good to be included in the nonsense of the hour; to be included in the strange desire to be hip to the jive of throwing away our gut inclinations, instead choosing the “better” life of the degenerates of the age – this is the dream we hitch our wagons to.

It is nothing more than an invitation to continue to believe in the choicest of BS, the choicest of the strange, the choicest of mental hypnotics, where we allow ourselves to believe that the we are nothing more than the collective hive of f***kery of the current days psychotic’s.

We are better than this…right?


Tonight’s musical offering:

“The Very Thought of You” – Wynton Marsalis – Jazz in Marciac/2016


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