Our Dwelling Place

Denial is a great – if it involves procrastinating upon the mundane, like debating on whether it might be best to get out bed and go grocery shopping, without making the least of efforts to rid one’s self of the stench one has accumulated for the past week, or better still – roll back onto one’s dirt-riddled bed sheets and save the part of the world they might have met from experiencing olfactory delights that might make most feel the urge to vomit once their earthly scents came through the public arena.

Too bad the West’s elite, whether they be politicians, government “officials”, Hollywood degenerates, mainstream media morons or just local jackal’s reading from the teleprompter of the “news” of the day didn’t decide to roll over onto their scum encrusted bedsheets, saving much of the world from their hellish scent of death, destruction and general f***kery.

Russia has officially warned the US and its allies against “new dangerous steps” in Syria amid the growing concern that Washington may employ force against the internationally-recognized government of the war-torn country following a staged chemical attack in Idlib province.

“We warn the US and its allies against new dangerous steps,” Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova stated in response to the question about the development of the situation surrounding the Syrian “chemical dossier,” according to the minstry’s website.

“Despite the fact that the OPCW has repeatedly confirmed the complete destruction of Syria’s military chemical potential under international control, a row of accusations and threats were again brought down to Damascus in connection with its supposed intention to use chemical agents in the province of Idlib.” – via southfront.org

Warnings to the US and its allies?  Really? Expecting Washington to pay attention to such warnings is like the commercials in the West where the latest pharmaceutical poisons offered to the uneducated masses, with a host of side effects that might include death and other other unpleasantries if you decide to ingest their vat of chemicals – those in denial only see the hip and together smiling drone actors, with butterfly’s photo-shopped flying about, depicting a care-free life of dealing with the lie that chemicals give health. It’s the same with Washington’s offerings.

Yes – denial can be a great place to dwell in – unless it might involve the death of you or your loved ones.

Trump Say He Doesn’t Need a Fake Chemical Attack to Bomb Syria – via activistpost.com

Isn’t that comforting!

Like Obama and Bush before him, what’s the big deal with laying to waste thousand of innocents lives, as long as the souls living in other countries thousands of miles from Washington’s criminals are the ones who gather in their eternal dwelling place.

Now that the noninterventionist president appears ready to give the go-ahead to kill more people in Syria, the corporate script reading media is providing the sort of necessary propaganda required to get the American people in the mood for mass murder. ~ Kurt Nimmo – activistpost.com

Our eternal dwelling place is always there for each of us to choose. We sometimes arrogantly think that that which awaits each of us – has nothing to do with the decisions we make along the way – but sadly can’t see that our daily choices has EVERYTHING to do with our eternal dwelling place.

Enabling psychopath’s to continue to sell off our souls, and those of our brethren, no matter how many thousands of miles they might be from us, only casts a shadow of what we leave this life with, either giving to each other, or destroying the life-blood and love we each were born with.


Tonight’s musical offering:

Brahms –  German Requiem – “How Lovely Is Thy Dwelling Place”

How lovely is thy dwelling place, O Lord of Hosts!
For my soul, it longeth, yea fainteth,
For the courts of the Lord.
My soul and body crieth out, yea for the living God.
How lovely is thy dwelling place, O Lord of Hosts!
Blest are they that dwell within thy house,
They praise thy name evermore.
How lovely is thy dwelling place!

Photo credit: http://www.unsplash.com/@theexplorerdad

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