Take Another Hit

Wouldn’t it be nifty is you read the following headline or heard it on whatever mind-numbing news broadcast:

US authorizes $20 billion in efforts to eradicate hunger, or US authorizes $100 billion to end homelessness.

Instead, we get treated to shyte like this:

US authorises release of $1.2 billion in military aid to Egypt. And another nice one – the Pentagon will spend $2 billion developing next-generation AI. Then there’s the colossal mother of them all if one cares to take a peek – A Guide to Trump’s $1 Trillion Defense Bill. Planet-sized holes of cash like this is desperately needed by Washington, after all, they’ve got some over 800 military bases outside the US to keep afloat; are involved in just a few needless wars to develop harmony and good will in whatever latest country is on their list for regime change, and have decided that they just might strike Syria – just for the hell of it.

Laying to waste the homelands of sovereign nations, countries, neighborhoods and villages outside these psychopath’s cribs in their gated communities or Madison Avenue fortresses takes a lot of cash.

$13.2 trillion in unsustainable debt, $1.5 trillion in unsustainable student debt, and…

The Federal Reserve handed over an estimated $29 trillion of this fabricated money to American banks, according to researchers at the University of MissouriTwenty-nine trillion dollars! We could have provided free college tuition to every student or universal health care, repaired our crumbling infrastructure, transitioned to clean energy, forgiven student debt, raised wages, bailed out underwater homeowners, formed public banks to invest at low interest rates in our communities, provided a guaranteed minimum income for everyone and organized a massive jobs program for the unemployed and underemployed. Sixteen million children would not go to bed hungry. The mentally ill and the homeless—an estimated 553,742 Americans are homeless every night—would not be left on the streets or locked away in our prisons. The economy would revive. Instead, $29 trillion in fabricated money was handed to financial gangsters who are about to make most of it evaporate and plunge us into a depression that will rival that of the global crash of 1929.

Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers write on the website Popular Resistance, “One-sixth of this could provide a $12,000 annual basic income, which would cost $3.8 trillion annually, doubling Social Security payments to $22,000 annually, which would cost $662 billion, a $10,000 bonus for all U.S. public school teachers, which would cost $11 billion, free college for all high school graduates, which would cost $318 billion, and universal preschool, which would cost $38 billion. National improved Medicare for all would actually save the nation trillions of dollars over a decade.” – by Chris Hedges, via truthdig.com

One scam after another at the hands of the government or their equally shitty partners in corporate America, and insouciant Americans’ only concern is the download speed of their hand-held radiation device or the next NFL bore-fest, or swiping left or right. Mercy!

But ending hunger and homelessness isn’t in the front packet of these a-holes – whether they are in government or psychopath’s running multi-billion dollar corporations for enriching their personal playground.

Mom probably told you at some point that the company you keep, if of a bad seed, will only lead to your own personal ruin.

We have let the worst of current day humanity rule our lives – for their gain and to our end.

We may think we’re “kicking it” by swallowing the choicest stench from the self-proclaimed “overlords” of our lives, with their tech wiz-gadgets that make us sick; with their pharmaceutical chemicals that makes us sicker, and their theft of our money to enrich their friends in Manhattan penthouses of military industrial complex corporations so that they can always have a bogey-man of a country to lay to waste, along with a few million innocents lives in the process, is what we continue to allow.

We buy into the “hit”… into the fix these hellions offer us each day. Their smiles are nearly picture perfect, their attire top-notch – beyond that what is spewed from their mouths, from their hearts and souls, is nothing more than decay.

And as we continue to follow these psychopath’s and their rotted filth of offerings – we smile, thinking we’re onto something cool and hip.  Considering that death, suffering, apathy, discord, wars, sicknesses, illnesses, rot and stench is all they offer… Mom was probably right – our personal ruin is what we guarantee following these pied piper’s offerings of insanity.


Tonight’s musical offering:

“Misty” – Stan Getz

Photo credit: http://www.unsplash.com/@yogidan2012


  1. How Long? Well, it’s looking like it’s going to play itself out to the bitter, very bitter end. I’m pretty sure we’re past the point of change now. Still I like reading your posts. Just read the last 3 and now i feel a lot better about my expensive plumbing problems.
    Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Indeed! You nailed it…reality puts into perspective the daily drudgery’s we all face each day!. Thank you, Sherril, for reading my simpleton offerings. Wishing you the very best! Decker


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