They Really Don’t Want to Hear From You (but there are others who do)

You know it goes…you just went to the dentist, doctor, local department store, purchased something from somewhere online and almost before you leave or finalize the purchase, you get an email or text stating they want to hear from you about your experience.

No, not really.

Voice a concern that you had to wait over an hour to see the doctor – upon your next visit you might be waiting 2 hours to see the mensa in the white lab coat.

Raise your voice that whatever cruddy product you bought was defective, unsatisfactory, strange, crude or just malfunctioning rot – you probably won’t hear back from them.

Have some news that you need to share with family members, loved ones or recently acquired main squeezes – they’ll listen, for just a spell, and then launch in about how your news that only affects you, affects them.

Your flu turns into their sinus issues, your migraine troubles turns into their problems at work, your broken down car turns into the issues they’re encountering trying to buy a mountain vacation property.

It’s not that they don’t care…it’s just that they don’t REALLY care.

The human condition is quite pathetic most of the time.  Sure, it has it’s moments when we get treated to the Bach’s, Beethoven’s, Mozart’s, Monk’s, Getz’s, Marsalis’s, Dostoevsky’s, O’Connor’s – but that’s them putting their magnificence on display for the world to witness and enjoy.  Privately, they were probably basket cases who when seeking an ear for their troubles, were greeted with the apathy of humanity that each of us encounters each day. Then again, when Beethoven was loudly pounding away on his pianoforte with his latest opus, chances are the neighbors above and below him were not happily attuned with what magnificent musical ideas raging in his head. And rightly so.

We have devices that connect us in an instant with others to tell our stories to – whether they want to hear them or not. We want someone to listen to us – not relate how your troubles are superseded by their troubles. Sadly, those who will just listen are as few and far between as the truths we might hear from our government, media and other assorted pigs in the pig sty.

Beethoven found his respite in the forest, Bach in his dedication of his talents to God. Mozart – well, there was only one Mozart – maybe his everyday genius was enough.

And so, when you seek to find that living soul to share just a fraction of this strange journey with – if you find one who will quietly listen – count your blessings.  And if no such soul is within your reach, there still are the forests, the birds, the dogs, the wind, the quiet late at night, and the music from those who passed before us – they are listening…and as strange as it may sound, they care.


Tonight’s musical offering:

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Clarinet Concerto in A major, K.622 (2nd movement) ~ Iceland Symphony Orchestra ~  Cornelius Meister, conductor ~ Arngunnur Árnadóttir, clarinet

Photo credit:


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