Thank God They’re Getting Away for the Long Holiday Weekend!

The long holiday weekend has arrived here in America where many of those who live in cities leave town for a couple of days to get an idea of what it’s like to live in the mountains, forest, resort towns and other barely populated locales for much of the year, with the same folk they live with day in and day out back in the city. It’s another way to experience the troubles of the city somewhere else.

There are the few brave souls who camp in the wilderness, without much of the modern day claptrap of junk we’ve been programmed to believe is a necessity: cell phone, laptop, television, modern plumbing fixtures, a bed that isn’t the dirt one walks on each day, a pillow that isn’t a rock, a solid roof over one’s head and some type of 4 wheel drive vehicles to make the journey to “get away” possible – but such hearty types are few and far between.

The major metropolitan area I live in here in the States takes on a quiet, laid-back, soft shoe type of ambiance with these three-day weekends. The hoards have left. The city is (in my mind) as it should be.

Traffic jams are non-existent. Pedestrian crowdedness takes a holiday. Restaurants are accessible without being crammed into a couple of rooms, sitting close enough to strangers where you can smell the deodorant they hopefully used earlier in the day.

It’s a very fine time to go to the park.  You probably won’t encounter too many breathless joggers etching their way around the beaten path where they punish their muscles and joints in order to keep fit enough to escape the city and “rough it” when the next long holiday weekend arrives.

Grocery stores and farmer’s markets become a satisfactory adventure, where the purchasing of a cucumber, tomato, apple, or orange isn’t the usual rubbing of rough elbows with strangers.

Symphony halls, music venue’s, libraries become what they were intended to be – havens of musical or literary brilliance to be enjoyed without the usual throngs attending such events, having no clue who they are coming to listen to…only there because it’s something to do.

In essence, it’s a time for the city-dweller who doesn’t opt-in to the rest of the masses desire to do what everyone else is doing – a time to get in touch with their subconsciousness. A time to daydream a bit while sitting in the park, almost blessedly alone. To maybe realize who they are, if only for three days.

As the masses escape to the mountains, the beaches, the lakes, the forests, the resorts –  those of you left in the city, take the opportunity as a chance to reclaim just a bit of the sanity the contemplative soul loses each day from living with a few million others.

Enjoy…while you can!


Tonight’s musical offering:

Handel – Water Music Suite No. 3 in G Major, HWV 35

George Friedrich Händel: Water Music Suite in G Major, HWV 350 Les Musiciens du Louvre/Marc Minkowski

Photo credit:



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