“Good” is Dumb

Just like the government and mainstream media produces figures, “facts”, studies, quotes and the use of unnamed sources from the giant bag of guano they carry over their shoulders every day to support the latest nonsense they want to promote that will jag most apathetic citizens into a state where they don’t have a care about anything outside the trifles of life presented to them by the government, media and social media wastelands – you can be guaranteed that when they tell you they want lots of humans in space, well, it’s true.

At a conference at the Johnson Space Center in Houston last week, Jim Bridenstine, a top official of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), told reporters that the agency wants “lots of humans in space,”according to Space.com.

Sadly, NASA hadn’t done any kind of a background check to see if “lots of humans in space” hasn’t already been accomplished – not by NASA, but just by the continued proliferation of the American mind by consistent stupidity presented to them each and every day.

NASA gets $52 million A Day and all they can come up with is that the agency wants lots of humans in space?

Maybe there’s more. Let’s check it out:

Bridenstine, who became the top official in April, had a meeting with Space.com and other journalists, during which he spilled the beans about a new program that plans to construct ‘Gateway’ modules to orbit the moon and close gaps in space exploration. Each gateway module would be a spacecraft that orbits the moon rather than a land-based settlement, which would be easier for astronauts to stay in low orbit and conduct brief surface missions lasting between one and two months. via blacklistednews.com

But it might be kind of difficult for NASA to get humankind back to the cheese in the sky when they can’t locate, find, get a whiff of the telemetry data from the Apollo 12 moon landing.  Their own astronaut’s decry their inability to replicate their 1969 achievement due to telemetry data being somewhere beyond NASA’s reach.

Rich guano, indeed.

But it’s always something with these cast of shysters leading humanity to the lower rings of Hell.

Either they’ve “misplaced” telemetry data, or they’ve allocated over $700 BILLION to the military industrial complex to bomb the shit out of other countries, or the United Nations are gathering a cast of idiots to discuss “killer robots”, or the warmongering psychopath’s in Washington are still determined to achieve the regime change in Syria that they dream about with their repeated threats to attack Syria.

And the average, everyday “good” individual hasn’t a clue or care of what happens outside their individual world  of stupidity they put up with each day of hook-up’s, insane bosses, pharmaceutical poisons, bad medical practices, GMO laced food, fluoride tainted water, geo-engineered weather – the endless wars, the waste of billions on most everything except the welfare of their own citizens – where one is chastised for speaking or even thinking of anything outside the horseshit of accepted thought – the gods (if they are still around) must be thinking…how much longer must we give them.

This writer is just a jag-off 62 year old.  But folks, come on, now.  How much longer will we allow good to be dumb, assisting the current day psychopath’s to change the yellow brick road into nothing more than a short-term adventure into a permanent state of illness, depression, slavery, and f**kery?


Tonight’s musical offering:

Johann Sebastian Bach – Cantata BWV 191 “Gloria in excelsis Deo” (Glory be to God on high)  ~ From the protestant church Trogen in Switzerland Choir and Orchestra of the J. S. Bach Foundation Rudolf Lutz – conductor

Photo credit: http://www.unsplash.com/@aggergakker

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