Words Can’t Describe

Those who have left the ‘compound’ of the sane – those who have chosen, with whatever 256px-Sarah_Vaughan_1946_(Gottlieb08821)nuttiness left in their minds, to embark down a road supporting, through the insanity that has overtaken their hearts and minds, a scenario where nuclear war is inevitable, given their delirious desire to rout a president out of office because he had a talk with a leader of another nation, cannot be adequately described with words.

Even Bernie Sanders, a man whom we admire in many ways, has left the compound and joined the ranks of the delirious:

“If President Trump won’t confront Putin about interference in our elections and his destabilizing policies, Congress must act.” – Bernie Sanders, via commondreams.org

Assertions,assertions and more assertions are just that…assertions. Nothing has been proven, no FACTS have been offered to support the derangement of minds, not just from the left, but from nearly all souls whom we will assume still have a beating heart, of Russian ‘meddling’ in our elections.

Yet we have nearly every media talking head, every politician, every Tom, Dick and Harry clamoring for more actions from Washington for a future that holds little more than destruction never before experienced, for each and every one of us.

The annual budget of the military/security complex is $1,000 billion. This vast sum is drawn from US taxpayers who have many unmet needs. To justify such an enormous budget a major enemy is required. The military/security complex and the media and politicians that the complex owns have designated Russia to be that enemy. The complex and its political and media agents will not permit Trump to normalize relations with Russia.

To prevent President Trump from reducing the dangerous tensions between nuclear powers that Washington has created, the military/security complex orchestrated Russiagate, a proven hoax, but believed by many due to its endless repetition. The military/security complex orchestrated the false indictments of 12 Russians. The military/security complex orchestrated the false arrest of Maria Butina https://www.nytimes.com/2018/07/18/us/politics/maria-butina-russia-espionage.html , and so on and on.

The military/security complex acting through the politicians and presstitutes that it owns and controls has turned the normal everyday responsibility of the President—one acknowledged and acted upon by every previous president—to defuse tensions that could lead to nuclear war into a high crime. President Trump is accused of treason for trying to make peace!

An unaware person might think that this is silly and laugh, but as Finian Cunningham showshttp://thesaker.is/coming-coup-against-trump/ , President Trump has been set-up as a treasonous enemy of America. We are currently experiencing sedition at the highest levels as the military/security complex unfolds its coup against the elected president of the United States.  via paulcraigroberts.org

You have loved ones – I have loved ones. Imagine purposely denying those whom we love and cherish the opportunity to experience the joys of love, whether short-lived or long term, all because of ‘assertions’ that Russia “meddled” in an election, as Washington has meddled in many another countries elections. It is that simple, and that deranged as one nutjob after another lines up to demand some sort of “action” against a sovereign nation  be taken, because of ‘assertions’ – because Washington and media sociopath’s tell us this is what needs to be done.

So many issues that need attention on the home front – from the homeless, the poor, the disadvantage, the elderly, the uninsured, the suffocating middle class – but these are given ‘back of the bus’ priority because psychotic’s need to hold onto their sickening lust of power and control via wars, wars and more wars.

They suppress natural medicine in lieu of pharmaceutical poison; they suppress truth in lieu of lies, they suppress beauty in lieu of ugliness, and they suppress peace in lieu disharmony, mistrust, strife, discord and wars.

Quite like Vietnam; quite like Iraq and the never present weapons of mass destruction; quite like the silencing via murders of JFK, Malcolm X, RFK and Martin Luther King;  quite like the wars started since 9/11; and quite like the modern era where every voice for reason, for peace and sanity is shouted down as unpatriotic citizens for simple reasons of preferring life over death – for their loved ones, and the loved ones of others thousands of miles away – it is a march toward annihilation that we are quietly accepting.

How ill in the mind we have become – how little we care about the futures of those we say we love, yet cast aside because we choose to vanquish peace, in order to be part of a group of sociopath’s who haven’t a care for life, honesty, peace and love.

Words can’t describe the nightmare we are allowing sociopath’s to dictate to us all.


Tonight’s musical offering:

(sometimes, only the sultry and beautiful voice of Sarah Vaughan can provide a balm to the soul to counter all the ugliness of the world, providing instead, a musical harmony of beauty that has, sadly, long since been forgotten)

Sarah Vaughan ~ “Words Can’t Describe” ~ (Mercury Records/1957)

Photo credit (front page): http://www.unsplash.com/@brandi1

Photo credit: (Ms. Vaughan) William P. Gottlieb [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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