And We Continue to Follow and Believe in These High School Drama Kings and Queens Running the Show

As America’s cartoons continue, with the cast of media and political clowns soiling their diapers because the guy with orange hair initiated 9/11-like activities – embarked on treasonous, lecherous, arrogant, devious, and of course, unpatriotic shenanigans – where he had the audacity to do what nearly every other president before him has done – meet with the leader of Russia – your average joe could give a shyte. After all, they’re too busy swallowing the basest of guano offered up by these same diaper soiling nutjobs and the horseshit they serve up each day.

But soiling one’s diapers, frothing at the mouth, uttering imbecilities that would make even an imbecile blush is what the media and our elected bozo’s do each and every day. And amazingly, we continue to swig their soured wine.

What was said between Vlad and the Donald behind closed doors? (Did he promise to annex Alaska to Russia?) Was Melanie Trump’s handshake with the Vlad, and the expression on her face an indication that she is secretly terrified of Vlad? Is this really a “9/11 moment”, and if so, where are all the government fairy-tale accounts of what really happened?

It doesn’t matter. Just as 9/11 was a “mystery” where people died, buildings collapsed in free-fall fashion due to an aluminum jet flying into it; where physics were laid on its head and government officials shrugged and passed it off on some guy in a cave thousands of miles away responsible for it all that led to all the invasions America has since ventured into – so too what happens behind closed doors when “leaders” of countries speak, is as forthright as 9/11 government fantasy explanations and not half as interesting or entertaining as a Bugs Bunny cartoon.

Trump has walked back his comments at the press conference between him and Vlad, making the bold yet half-witted statement that he holds Putin responsible for ‘meddling’ because ‘he’s in charge’ of Russia. Indeed, can we hold Trump responsible for the continued poverty of its citizens, the billions upon billions given to the military industrial complex of corporations, while ignoring the basic needs of the country’s citizens? Can we hold him accountable for the endless wars, for the homeless, the uninsured, the forgotten and abused because he is “in charge”? Probably not.

But not to outdone with nuttiness, Vlad has also walked back his comment that Clinton got millions stolen from Russia. Dude, come on, now! The average American joe, who casts even a wayward eye away from the latest drivel of a text received knows that anything exonerating the Clinton’s from nefarious deeds is pure bullshit.

He said, she said, they said – it’s like a high school gathering before Prom hoping to walk back misspoke texts sent about the questionable hygiene practices of the king and queen of the dance.

It’s all theatre, it’s all a show. Sadly, it’s the common individual being played.

From the most vile of individuals, with their tired and boring theatrics that Trump is owned by Putin, an agent of the KGB – as these accusing a-holes continue to hold onto their high school crushes for war, upheaval, unrest and misery, in order to continue with the status quo that benefits their wallets, their parties and gatherings where they swap shit, pat each other on the ass, laugh like hyena’s and give each other a nod and wink that each of these shysters will continue to do their part to deceive, lie and propagandize all who listen to their tripe – until we all reject their f**ckery – the world – the everyday citizen trying to simply make ends meet, will continue to suffer from their unending high school melodrama’s.

Sadly, these melodrama’s outcomes don’t just involve hurt feelings and teenage tantrums – they involve much more – that being that their nauseating adolescent scheme’s that can end many an innocents’ (or nations) life.

How long will we continue to listen and swallow their BS?

We have the Mozart’s, the Beethoven’s, the Tolstoy’s, the Macolm X’s, the Martin Luther King’s, the Robert Kennedy’s, the H.L. Mencken’s, the Flannery O’Connor’s, the Twain’s, Christ and Buddha, and so many more showing us the way…and we choose to listen to and follow failed high school equivalency idiots.


Tonight’s musical offering:

Mozart: Symphony, K 551 “Jupiter” (final movement) ~ Paavo Jari ~ Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orchestra

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