They Who Extinguish Love

When God, the universe, Mother Earth, or some traveling comedy troupe of fish who started this comedy, or tragedy – they probably did so with the best of intentions. But knowing it might be a bit dicey that, given free will, humans wouldn’t always opt for doing what is best for their own kind – they seemed to have taken a holiday from it all.

As any intelligent creator would do when their creation goes bat-shit crazy – it appears the gods have taken refuge from the insanity of Earth in other universes far away – distancing themselves from dark and dank doings of those they gave everything to – negating all they created to make life a beautiful experience.

It’s doubtful that the creator had a scenario in mind where a nations’ citizens, no matter the nation, no matter the citizens, should be taught to hate – to such a degree that their very lives could easily be extinguished from the vileness that comes from the intolerance of anyone who might have a dissenting view of what a deranged’s psychopath worldview of life should be.

As I have faulted him on many occasions – fault Trump for the bombings that have continued in the Middle East – following the way of his predecessor’s; fault him for tax cuts that enable the rich to get richer and the needs of the poor and middle class to continue to be ignored. Fault him for his handling of Iran, for the trade wars he’s started, for his handling of the immigration issue, and on and on…but to pour vile on him for talking, just talking to a leader of another country tells us how sick this nation has become.

The political and media fueled hatred, not just toward Trump, but toward a sovereign nation (Russia) that does NOT have troops and missiles stationed on our borders with Canada and Mexico, as the U.S. does through its NATO proxies along Russia’s borders; has not invaded sovereign nations as the U.S. has done for the past 17 years; has not wasted billions upon billions on endless wars, with endless interventionist activities in other countries, as its own citizens suffer poverty, homelessness, non-existent or lack of affordable health care and many more needless sufferings of its citizens – is as lethal as the misguided missiles that Washington launches whenever it deems another nation guilty of crimes against humanity.

A sampling of the hate directed toward Trump for merely talking with Putin can be found here,  here and here, if one is so inclined to indulge in insanity.

eric-ward-610868-unsplashI may not know much, but what my 62 years have shown me is that any relationship, whether personal or otherwise, can only survive on hate so long. The hate eventually takes over to the point where “action” is demanded, and since that action is birthed in hate, its outcome never bodes well for those seething souls who demand that “something” be done to right wrongs as only they, the wise, see fit. And for those innocent souls whose hearts aren’t steeped in hate, they suffer even more.  History, for those who care to take a gander at it, has many examples of the outcome of hate-incensed nations and their citizens.

Too many causes have been brewing over the past 50 or 60 years to name them all – but those “causes” that  justified hatred over love, war over peace and lies over truth have taken over to the extent that there is little left, outside hate, for anyone to believe in anymore.

The Washington establishment and their partners in hate – the mainstream media, with their continued march toward the pit of Hell, have no qualms with bringing every soul with them to the depths of Gehenna.

The lust for money, power – the nemesis of any soul – casts its long shadow over a life – so much so that it continually brews and produces hatred in the modern era. Sadly, those with money and power, along with their singular mindset that no other viewpoints can be tolerated other than their own, realize only too late what their hatred has produced – such realization usually only happens on the deathbed that none of us wants to acknowledge awaits each of us. What makes this even more hauntingly sick is that those overcome with hatred, care not to see what their hatred invokes in others, nor its outcome.

Depressing and loveless lives lived…which, in the end, leads to extinguishing others lives, extinguishing families, extinguishing love – those who hate have ensured that the youth, the children they always crow on that they care about, know nothing outside the corruption of money and power that they foster.

Our children’s hearts and minds have been contaminated with these power control freaks version of hatred and death, disguised as happiness, from the moment they were born – and so, the endless wars continue, with citizens treated as nothing more than street grime, the poor left to sift through the leftovers of a society gone mad from “what’s in it for me”; ‘medicine’ that makes one more ill, technology that wrests humanity from its soul – as the masses of those ‘that have’, clamor for more of that which makes them terminally ill.

These demons have taught us well of the ways of hatred. Tragically, we continue to buy into their darkness – a dark night of the soul that pits one against the other, no matter what one might be for, or the other against.

It isn’t enough to resist…our only hope is to reject their hatred – reject their insanity that casts innocents into lives where the endless pit of despair, depression…and more hatred, is all they know.

If it is no longer acceptable to talk to another, especially with whom there may be disagreements with, then we are left with only ourselves to fight with.  And we are doing that quite well, to the detriment of that which makes us human – extinguishing love in order to advance hate.  It’s never worked out well before. And we continue on the path of not learning or understanding of what has transpired before us.

The gods must weep.


Tonight’s musical offering:

Ashkenazy plays Beethoven ~ Piano Concerto No. 5 ~ 2nd movement ~ Adagio un poco mosso

Vladimir Ashkenazy, Piano ~ Chicago Symphony Orchestra ~ Sir Georg Solti, Conductor

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