Hey…You! Look at That Shyte!

As many have told me from time to time, I’m not impressed with much of anything. It’s a blessing…and a curse.

What others are oohing and ahhing about, I turn away from and yawn. And, of course, what I find particularly fascinating, noteworthy, worth reading, worth taking a look at, worth getting juiced over – I get looks of “he’s nuts”, as they carefully back away from me.

Such is the way of humans.



But dogs…now that’s different.  Dogs can instantly impart an impression upon you, getting you to “look at that shyte” that is truly important, in short order.



Whether it’s time for their dinner, and they give you a couple of barks, throwing their EMPTY feeding bowl at you, saying…”HEY…YOU! – LOOK AT THAT EMPTY BOWL OF SHTYE”, or them standing at the back door, waiting for you to get off your ass to let them out for their “business” – if you don’t quickly get in line with “the shit” they want you to pay attention to – they’ll let you know rather quickly that they mean business and if you don’t rapidly attend to their shit, there will be unpleasantries for YOU to deal with.

I’ve often wondered, if dogs ruled the world, might we be in a much better state.

Dogs would surely sound the alarm of such current f**ckery facing us…

It appears Hilary Clinton is preparing to run for president again in 2020 – via theantimedia.com

Hey…You!  Look at That Shyte!


Trump, the great ‘Business Guru Visionary’, is actually crashing the global economy – via mintpressnews.com

Hey…You! Look at That Shyte!

Like poop waiting to exit the butt-hole, our dogs know when it’s time to get rid of waste, rubbish and bullshittery – and they won’t wait for the perfect moment to discard their shyte.

Humans, on the other hand, will continue to bend over, hold it in,  and examine a life of insanity from their peculiar viewpoint, without question, no matter how good and hard they’re being bullied, played, lied to or propagandized.

The Left will scream that Trump is at fault for any and all ills that life presents; the Right will scream that this nutjob is making America great again, whether by smoke and mirrors or mind-numbing tweets – doesn’t matter – go America!

Neither side is entirely right or entirely wrong – just misguided – and therefore sometimes right, yet sadly, most times wrong – it’s just life.


But dogs can quickly adjust one’s worldview to heed to the shyte at hand that needs attention.

The question…would dogs do the following to their own?



New App “Report It, Don’t Ignore It”, encourages students to spy on each other – via activistpost.com

The answer..NO!

Dogs rule!


Tonight’s musical offering:

Photo credit (front page): http://www.unsplash.com/@z00ms

Photo credit: http://www.unsplash.com/@jessedo81

Photo credit: http://www.unsplash.com/@andreasvendelbo


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