Please Check the Warning Label

As the world continues to unravel, or at least most parts, it appears protection and safety is needed now more than ever.

And what are these protections, improvements and warnings that are so desperately needed?

Better streets – no.  Infrastructure repaired – no.  Universal healthcare – no.  Ending the endless wars – no. Demanding honesty from elected officials and media nutjobs – no.

What warning, pray tell, is needed right now when we live in such turmoil?

Glad you asked…

All Books will need trigger warnings to protect students from ugly truths, says Booker price winner.

Books will soon need “trigger warnings” because some students do not like being faced with ugly truths, according to author Julian Barnes.

The Man Booker Prize winner made the suggestion after hearing that some undergraduates had taken to criticising Gustave Flaubert’s Madame Bovary on the basis of the protagonist’s behaviour.

Over the last two years, a growing number of UK universities have introduced “trigger warnings” to give students advance notice of potentially distressing material and “safe spaces” in which certain behaviours or language are prohibited. Both have been criticised by free speech advocates. – via


No more Tolstoy, Twain, Dostoyevsky, Flaubert, O’Connor, Malcolm X, John Kennedy Toole, or Douglas Adams, to name just a few, without a warning?  No!  But does it really matter?  Do students even know who any of these authors are, much less, have read any of their works?  Probably not.


But it’s just not students, millennial’s, and other unaware snowflakes who need protection and warnings – it’s nearly everyone these days.

At the next function you might be guilted into attending, whether it’s at work, at home, at a family gathering, with friends, or even on a hook-up first date trying to surmise whether the body parts hidden by clothing will meet with one’s requirements of acceptable exposed skin an hour or so later – bring up anything that is considered politically incorrect to talk about. Try talking about anything that isn’t about the latest text received; bring up a subject that might be a bit dicey to explore – like Washington’s wars, the lying media, Big Pharma’s continuing poisoning of us all, 5G (they won’t even know that is); the poor, the elderly or the homeless – what you’ll find is more than likely a rolling of the eyes – with the subject being quickly changed back to what’s acceptable – basically being – check out this picture of a friend (whom you don’t know) eating one big, fat donut stuffed with whipped cream, cream cheese, cashews, Skittles, M&M’s, and a few strips of bacon on top.  Isn’t it too funny?

No matter how we try to escape it…life is one big ugly truth. All of it. The injustices, the suffering, the illness, our aging, our depression, loneliness and awkwardness – the rewards and losses, love gained and lost, the daily BS, the unending horseshit – all of it – and most of it comes without a warning label.

But the unnecessary horseshit heaped upon us all – you know, the stuff you don’t want to think about – like, the TSA winning immunity from flier abuse claims; where YouTube is now deciding what is ‘reputable’ news; to Verizon employees explaining how they are ignoring ‘The Precautionary Principle” to unleash harmful 5G technology all over the world; to the always pleasant news of how Washington continues to screw its citizens, with a combined $5.1 TRILLION in tax cuts by Bush, Obama and Trump going mostly to the nation’s richest – bring up any of this horseshit among friends, family or future lovers, and the honest among them might say…’I know I should care about this stuff, but I just can’t deal with it’.

“You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you odd.” – Flannery O’Connor

So whether we DON’T want to read about the ugliness of life as written about by the great authors, or DON’T want to experience the ugliness that life presents each of us, it doesn’t matter. We will be presented it in one fashion or another during our lives.

Seeking the truth and attempting to right the wrongs of the a-holes who bring the world unnecessary horseshit is about all we will be asked about when the grand comedy is over.

God, the Universe, or the committee of dolphins who started all this probably won’t be too impressed when we’re asked just after our last breath – what did we do to make life a little more beautiful for the less fortunate – and all we can come up with is….”was that question included in the warning label?”


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C.P.E. Bach: Trio Sonata In B Minor For Flute, Violin And Continuo, Wq.143 – 3. Presto · Lisa Batiashvili · Emmanuel Pahud · Sebastian Klinger · Peter Kofler

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  1. If you’re a student in need of a trigger warning you should probably be forced to binge read Dostoevsky 😄 The ugly truth will happen to all of us sooner or later, and the more we read, the better we are able to deal with it.

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