Even a Whiff of Knowledge Cannot Be Tolerated

Like imagining a place where chocolate covers the hills, every rainbow has a pot of gold at the end of it, and when you’re at home – in your sanctuary, your castle, your rock-solid crib – it’s all private, right? Such daydreams are nothing more than clouds made of marshmallow’s, as the joke is on us with the modern era continuing to taketh away.

All the unmentionables that you do at home, thinking no one is watching, evidently, is a thing of the past, or will be in short order (whether you care or not who sees what you are doing):

Smart Technology Sees Through Walls to Track and Identify People – via nbcnews.com

A group of researchers and students at MIT have developed an intelligent radar-like technology that makes it possible to see through walls to track people as they move around, a development that could prove useful for monitoring the elderly or sick as well as for other applications — but that also raises privacy concerns.

Always initially for the elderly, the sick, and of course, the children, smart technology ends up having the same stink as the five year old slippers that your partner won’t relinquish. The annoying problem is, that while one might be able to do some type of intervention to get your loved one to forego more days and nights of subjecting you to whiff’s of rotted cheese – once smart technology get it’s tentacles into the minds of the not-so-savvy consumer, it’s a permanent love affair without the olfactory stench, with the trusting soul finding itself strapped down with a technology that is, at its base, inherently evil. All the good intentions in the world doesn’t make it good.

But obviously, the techno-wiz degenerates know a good thing when they’ve been instructed by their government to come up with it.  They’ve managed to train 90% of insouciant Americans to keep bending their heads at a angle to view incoming propaganda, which very well may warrant future neck surgeries, all just to read more inconsequential drivel of what someone did 2 minutes ago that warrants a momentary stoppage of breathing, dilating of the pupils, and killing off of more brain cells – just to read more guano.

The march toward total imprisonment via modern day techno horseshit rages on.

On July 14, 2016, the FCC voted to approve Spectrum Frontiers, making the U.S. the first country in the world to open up higher-frequency millimeter wave spectrum for the development of 5G fifth-generation wireless cellular technology. Health, safety and environmental evaluations to understand the impact on humans, wildlife and the environment have not been done. -via ehtrust.org


Yet it will be a shrug of the shoulders from the public once the smart technology that enables “someone” to see through walls and identify people is rolled out.  Hell, few in the West seem to give a shyte about their health or privacy anymore. They share EVERYTHING – whether you care to see, hear or smell it. “Look at me”, “hear me” and God forbid, “smell me”, is the new mantra of Americans, rather than cast even a casual glance at the criminal activities of their government, or the sufferings of their fellow citizens, or the sufferings of others from Washington’s bombs, or the wealth being stolen from them, or the lying and continual propaganda from their media.


But it’s all good. We have 5G coming our way:

5G technology is designed to carry higher loads of data more rapidly through wireless transmission and will be effective only over short distance. It is poorly transmitted through solid material.  Construction of many new antennas will be required and full-scale implementation will result in antennas every 10 to 12 houses in urban areas, thus massively increasing mandatory exposure.”  

5G small cell antennas will unleash round-the-clock millimeter, mini and micro wave radiation immensely more powerful than the current EMF wireless system and will no doubt be sold to a gullible American public as an economically beneficial national jobs program.  

In addition, 5G is required to create the Internet of Things (IoT) which promises to wirelessly connect all devices able to transfer data over a cohesive network without computer or human interaction  including homes appliances, every ‘smart’ device, city and vehicle and any embedded electronic system that can exchange data.  The IoT of building a new ‘smart’ grid of communications that will connect, just as the Wifi Alliance once suggested, “everyone, everything and everywhere.  – via globalresearch.ca

But catching a whiff of knowledge outside one’s own ignorance is not to be tolerated by most of the American public.

Don’t tell me anything I don’t already think I know. Don’t upset the applecart of BS I’ve been fed most of my life. Don’t get in the way of my texts, my crotch photo’s, or something foreign to the incessant nonsense I pay attention to each day.

So what if some government degnerate is watching me – no matter whether I’m on the street, at work, or even at home. I have nothing to hide. After all, I’m just texting – most of the time, anyway.

The decaying mindset of the West seems to be incapable of entertaining a notion outside the worldview they’ve been brainwashed into accepting…no matter how ‘smart’ (we think) we are.

God help us!


Tonight’s musical offering:

Maurice Ravel: “La Valse” (excerpt/final 2:00 minutes) / Sir Simon Rattle, conductor · Berliner Philharmoniker

(this recording comes through loud…which to my ear, is fantastic, especially with headphones on for maximum sensory pleasure!)

Photo credit (front page): http://www.unsplash.com/@oldskool2016

Photo credit: http://www.unsplash.com/@howsoonngu


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