We Have Seen the Enemy…and It Is Us

Sometimes a nagging nostalgia for days long since past persistently tugs at the few remaining strands of common sense people have these days.

Like those days of long ago where the products you bought didn’t pose a health problem that will have you taking a second mortgage out on your house (if you even have one) to pay the medical bills resulting from use of a company’s product – the days of expecting a bit more than hazardous by-products, paying for the pleasure of using their guano seems just a bit much to ask for. After all, gouging customers with outrageous prices for hazardous junk made in China is the everyday our corporate shysters want you to dive into.

The modern, electronic, wireless mess of goo presents peculiar issues that the makers of these products just might NOT want you to know about. And now, thanks to the California Supreme Court, cell phone retailers don’t have to warn customers about possible radiation exposure. Isn’t that BOSS!

Earlier this week, advertisers cheered at the California Supreme Court decision to vacate a lower court ruling in the Berkley ordinance that required cell phone retailers to warn customers about possible radiation exposure.

It’s bad for business when people start worrying that excessive use and exposure to specific products and infrastructure will harm them and their loved ones, including their pets.

It’s not just The Telecom Industry aka “Big Wireless” that doesn’t seem to care about any of this.  Many of our elected officials as well as current and former government employees don’t seem to care either.

In the meantime, well-meaning people are raising money for research to cure cancer and other health conditions while the powers-that-be continue encouraging that we expose ourselves and our loved ones to increasing amounts of radiation and electrical pollution (Electrosmog). – via activistpost.com

sean-pierce-477569-unsplashIt’s so modernly refreshing that frog slime, aka advertisers, cheered that they’ll be able to produce products that increase one’s exposure to radiation, and equally enduring how the supreme court ruled.  What’s next – dentists and radiology technicians abandoning the lead blanket they put over you, skirting off to another room to zap you with radiation elements – instead, snuggling up with you for an extra coating of radiation? Probably not.

But it’s all in a days work for nutjob control freak a-holes who seem to get off on providing the pharmaceutical companies with new patients who will keep their profits high with patients continually baked on their junk. Life in America is so good…for a few.

Meanwhile, with the Trump-Putin summit nearing, many of the leading intellectually dead and nearly truth-devoid major newspapers are warning the guy with orange hair that he better not sacrifice the safety of the country by giving away Washington’s secrets – you know the ones – like how they’ve managed to be at war for the last 17 years; advanced trillions to the military industrial complex; and basically ignored the needs of its citizens without a rift of compassion from these same arrogantly smug liars.

Surely, these are Washington’s secrets that Putin craves to know about. After all, he has a country where its citizens are happier, healthier, wealthier and more moral than the West’s best bird droppings – naturally, he wants to destroy such plentitude and happiness among his own people.

Mr. Trump’s top national security advisers are more cleareyed about the Russian threat than he is. So are the Republicans who control the Senate. They have more responsibility than ever to try to persuade Mr. Trump that the country’s security is at stake when he meets Mr. Putin, and that he should prepare carefully for the encounter. – New York Times, June 29, 2018, Editorial, Trump and Putin’s Too-Friendly Summit

Yes, the NY Times editorial nitwits would like to continue to believe that there is always the hope of another war about to break out…somewhere; and that Trump must be on guard to prevent an outbreak of peace from happening. It’s perilous times ahead for these warmongers…why, even chief warmonger John Bolton is changing his warmongering tunes after his meeting with Putin.

But as the elite’s thirst for suffering and death, except, of course, any unsavory happenings on their front door step, are propagated endlessly by shit heads who never have had a decent or uplifting thought toward anyone outside their trust funds cocoon of idiotic ideas that promote the status quo for them and hell for everyone else – the world weeps from the BS they heap on humankind.

Someday, God, Mother Earth, the committee of tricks and pranks, or whomever or whatever started this nuttiness may do some type of intervention to save the innocents. Until then, don’t be confused…we have the guy with orange hair, you know the one whom some people make a career of hating and others make a career of promoting him as some type of a second coming, chess style; shedding confusion every which way possible.

Whether he’s playing 4D chess or just chess by himself – you decide:

“We can even talk about saving millions of dollars in weapons,” Trump said on Friday, according to local media, in setting a potential agenda for the July 16 talks with the Russian president.

Trump added that the United States is building a force “like no one has ever seen it before,” but stressed that the world needed to de-escalate and suggested a relationship with Russia and China would be a “good thing.”

Trump announced this week that he ordered the Pentagon to create a Space Force as the sixth “separate but equal” branch of the US military. He said the decision opened a new chapter in the competition to explore space, with the goal of overcoming nations like Russia and China.

On another front, Trump reiterated that NATO allies need to increase defense spending ahead of the alliance summit in Brussels next month.

“Germany has to spend more money, Spain, France [too]. It’s not fair what they did with the United States,” he told local media.

He argued that the United States was paying “far more disproportionately to any other nation” in the alliance, which sets a spending target of 2% of a member state’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). via fortruss.com

A tangled web that only the Greek tragedies might be able to shed a sliver of light upon. But why try? After all, it doesn’t take any special genius to see we have products of shit that makes billionaires of those demons whom are happy to provide us with junk we don’t need that lead us toward sickness, misery and early death. And if the corporations can’t succeed in bringing about an early exit from this nonsense, we have our government to assist via their endless wars, their endless assault on truth, decency, compassion – ignoring the needs of the poor, the homeless, the mentally ill, the sick and the elderly – keeping us all in a mindset that by staying “busy”, being active, involved in a flotilla of everyday nonsense will somehow keep the demons at bay. It won’t.

We are our own demons – ignoring ourselves, our loved ones, and even more sadly, ignoring and apathetically refusing to rebel against the garbage of what it presented to us as the way it should be.

“We now live in a nation where doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, the press destroys information, religion destroys morals, and banks destroy the economy.”  – Chris Hedges


Tonight’s musical offering:

Beethoven: “Egmont” Overture ~ Ozawa ~ Saito Kinen Orchestra

Photo credit (front page): http://www.unsplash.com/@volkanoimez

Photo credt: www. unsplash.com/@prealiz


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