If It Isn’t the Mundane (BS), It’s Boring

If you’re not talking about the mundane with friends, relatives and the other assorted odd collection of people walking this plane of some type of fruit, you’re not talking.

The everyday chit-chat is one boring snooze fest, and thank the gods it is.  If not, we might have millions of folks triggered to some point of unrecognizable rage, casting carnage with their thumbs on their electronic pacifier’s.

Not that one has to have some type of meaningful conversation with another 24/7 but it might be refreshing if there were just a sliver of meaningful conversations going on between folks.

Back in my teens in the early 70’s, (yes, ancient history) two friends and I would get together each week, even sometimes twice a week, to sit at the local restaurant in our city and just talk. Politics, love, music, our parents, friends, religion, history, girls, and other assorted topics were discussed. There was no outrage when one expressed an opinion contrary to another’s. None of us slammed down our forks into a pile of late night produced pancakes and stormed out of the joint because our feelings were hurt. We sat, discussed, talked, shared opinions – it was quite refreshing, and, of course, educational.

It seems now that unless you’re sharing what one of your fabulous friends, current lovers or stray cats had for brunch, lunch or dinner, it’s boring. If you’re not talking about your latest hook-up, the most recent concert of forgettable music you attended, your dreaded angst of the day caused by an uncaring boss (there aren’t many who are anything but that), that your career isn’t skyrocketing as you forecasted it would, that you’ll never get married, that all men, women, trans, etc., suck – then it’s not interesting. And if it’s not about “me”, then it’s really boring. Few care to be “educated” because they already know it all.

It’s not just the younger generation, with their plight of “what to do next”, who are victims of their own narcissism, it’s all ages in this modern age of the clueless.

Try having a conversation with your parents, no matter what age they may be, about anything of outside their worldview. A treasure chest of dismissiveness awaits if you respectfully attempt to engage in conversation outside their belief system. Sit down and break bread with a friend, sister, brother – try talking about the current circus of politics, the police state, Washington’s perpetual wars, the pharmaceutical prison of poisons, the poor, the homeless, our horrible medical system or any other trigger inducing topic and about all that might happen is that bread indeed will be broken, probably over your head.

rebecca-harris-654480-unsplashStrung out, stressed out, up to our ears with the problems associated with living in the richest country in the world – few, it seems, have the patience to deal with anything other than nodding in agreement that peaches are $2.00 a pound, that it’s a tragedy that you have to actually get to know someone first to find if they might be mate-worthy before banging each other on the first or second date, or that having a conversation with someone without the electronic pacifier in hand is the ultimate drag, after all, you might just miss out on who had what for brunch and who banged who the night before.

If, on any given day, free from the geo-engineering of our skies and weather, when we might want to dally with the notion of wondering what in the hell is going on in this country, it might first start with respectful, meaningful and engaging conversations amongst ourselves.

We think our “leaders” will lead the way.  A fantasy that keeps us from even morsels of truth. Instead, it’s layer upon layer of BS shoved down our throats, with layer upon layer of much of the same BS we share with each other each day, expecting that life will get better. It won’t.

If we can’t engage with one another with some sort of meaningful dialogue beyond the stupid comments section of any given article or post where IQ’s are debated, and it’s a race to shame anyone leaving a comment that isn’t in 100% agreement with the golden rods of nonsense uttered by the commentator above your comment, completely uninterested in anything but their opinion – how can we expect, or even hope that we will transcend the layers of BS that have brought us to where we find ourselves.

The shysters running the show want us engaged in the unimportant and trivial – it keeps us busy, arguing amongst ourselves about the unimportant and trivial while they draft up their wars, award their corporate pals with billions of our money, ignoring the needs of the poorest and downtrodden in their own country, and bit by bit, lay the country to waste, claiming to be the latest guru who will bring their version of nirvana to us all – which is nothing more than the horseshit that previous guru’s delivered to us all.

And while we are mesmerized with multi-media boringness passed off as the latest jizz to get excited about because it’s presented with the empty flash of the modern era, our lives continue to be a wasteland of layers of BS, one upon another.

We are out of touch with nature, out of touch with each other, and out of touch with ourselves…and we wonder why life in the modern era is so broken and depressing.


Tonight’s musical offering:

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Concerto for Piano and Orchestra in D minor Nr. 20 KV 466, Romance

Photo credit (front page): http://www.unsplash.com/@florenciaviadana

Photo credit: http://www.unsplash.com(@rebeccaharris)





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