On the Aging Escalator…the Humor of the gods

“You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you odd.” – Flannery O’Connor

I received a birthday card a while back that read:

“I’ve discovered the fountain of youth…turns out it tastes a lot like vodka”

While I do have a fondness for vodka, I desperately hope there is no fountain of youth to be found in the elixir.

You get to a point in your life where you’ve seen enough, and although the temptation is always present to hope for humankind to do a 360 degree about face away its present march toward uber insanity…the chances of that happening seem rather impossible. The joke is that you only realize that when you get into your 60’s. Ah, the gods and their humor!

In your early 20’s life is alive with possibilities, such is the case for most in their 20’s who don’t happen to live in a country in the Middle East that Washington decides to bomb back to the stone age. You’re young, sometimes dumb and full of thinking the world will, in the end, bend to your will. (HA!)

In your 30’s, more realistic expectations of what one is allowed to achieve is realized – the world has a cynical way of quietly telling you that you’re not “king shit’ of the universe – unless you’ve sold your soul and work for the government or media – for which, your permanent place in Gehenna is firmly secured.

In your 40’s, all cylinders are working as you claw, fight, scrap for every morsel of success you can manage as that tiny, gnawing thought that “the end” isn’t that far off – a rather bothersome thought you find invading the space between your ears at the most peculiar of times – propels you to keep producing, keep on track, keep pressing forward.

Your 50’s present a strange set of awakenings.  The body is noticeably different looking.  It doesn’t have that taut and secured look it had 30 years ago. Gravity, or just aging has set in.  Diets, gym visits, yoga sessions with ‘earthy ones’ might help a bit…but persistent aging is having its way with you and there isn’t much to be done about it, unless you’re one of those blessed with ageless genes, or a healthy income to afford fat trimming, skin and body part tucks here and there, an endless amount of spa treatments and sessions with a local health guru that none have ever heard of…for good reasons. You also quickly understand that the previous 30 years spent eating what you want, drinking what you want (vodka, not included) and thinking that those who adhered to a life free from pharmaceutical poisons, eating healthy and “in tune” with their inner nirvana – a source of laughter 20 or 30 years ago – are now a source of envy.

AgingYour sixties, now that’s a pleasant thought, right? You’re on the escalator toward the pittance of a social security check each month. If you’re lucky, you saved a bit, and can rely on a steady stream of income that will NOT afford you the opportunity to live as you did when you were doing your stint to keep Washington a-holes flush and in business. Life, is going to be…a challenge.

The body is on full melt-down for most. One day it’s the back, the next day the knee, the next day the shoulders and even the feet…mercy!


You chide yourself at your lack of foreknowledge – not listening, or even observing those others who have made their way to their sixties, and beyond; with you rolling your eyes with their every ‘oh, my back’, ‘oh, my knees’ or even ‘oh my bunions’ – thinking, that shyte will never come my way…but it does. Once again, the gods and their ‘humor’.

And while you are on full melt-down, so is your country. 121 bombs dropped by Washington EACH DAY on sovereign nations far away doesn’t make America great again.  Corporations doing their best to ensure 1984 isn’t some silly novel written by some guy you can’t remember but the actual ‘everyday’ you face upon waking – somewhat despondent that you’ve made it through the night to live another day- you begrudgingly shower, dress, and go out and make your way in the world, without knowing why.

The truth is hard to stomach and certainly not to be found from mainstream media whores, and even if you find it – what the hell can you do to thwart the onslaught of shyte coming down the chute?

Well, maybe you can find the courage to tell the psychotic’s to F-off! That’s a good start.

NO to their endless wars; NO to their 24/7 surveillance; NO more to CEO’s raking in billions while workers are left to try to etch out a living on the company’s joke of a salary, leaving one to supplementing living with food stamps in order to survive.

You age, you attain some wisdom along the way. Wisdom isn’t something to be stored away until it’s too late to be shared. Share it now – no matter that you are in your 20’s, 30’s 40’s, 50’s or even the dreaded 60’s.

Soon, it will be too late to thwart the apathy of the age. The shit-lords of control will lock down every avenue one might previously had to an opinion and way of thinking that isn’t corporate/media/government approved.

Before it’s too late…punch back at the bastards. You know the truth…it’s embedded in your every fiber.  It may make you feel a bit “odd” to understand it, but once understood, you must fight back.

It is the only hope for you, and generations behind you.

Or, you can leave it to the current demons’ mantra:

Camelot – “Fie on Goodness”

Photo credit (front page): wwwunsplash.com/@eberhargross