Even a Hint of Peace Cannot be Tolerated in the West

As  insufferable talking heads, Democrats, Rachel Maddow types and other loons lose their shyte because the guy with orange did the unthinkable, throwing out a sliver of an olive branch for a possible breath of peace with North Korea, the prison the human soul is encased in each day in the West from the aforementioned war-loving dimwits in Washington, and the media, and their continuing love affair with war, war and more war – all had a shyte-fit – outraged that Trump cancelled ‘war games’ that the US has been engaged in with South Korea, almost losing their lunches because Trump called them ‘war games’ rather than using the preferred nomenclature of ‘military exercises‘, according to seasoned war-loving a-holes. In the dark souls of these demons, the U.S. is on the brink of peace with North Korea…and that cannot stand.

Just a hint of peace cannot be tolerated here in the West. Stocks of the war profiteering companies of Raytheon, Boeing, Lockheed Martin and others “took a dive” as Trump and Kim signed a vague, non-binding agreement that is merely the first step toward a lasting diplomatic solution. What the hell! We can’t have that happening to the greatest democracy in the world. Somebody, please stop this insanity.

Young adults in the U.S., under the age of 18 have grown up never having known living in a country that wasn’t at war. And now, the Corker-Kaine AUMF legislation before Congress would allow Congress to declare ‘Forever war’.

Proposed by Senators Tim Kaine and Bob Corker, its radicalism approaches that of a constitutional amendment. Their new AUMF would subvert an article at the core of the Constitution, gutting a vital protection against tyranny devised by the Framers. It would authorize multiple existing wars without even debating them individually. It would empower Trump and his successors to unilaterally wage war in new countries, expand their ability to indefinitely detain prisoners without charges, and empower them to unilaterally kill individuals even inside the United States. – via theatlantic.com

While demonizing Russia for things they never did,  being a convenient scapegoat for the Democrats’ inability to first; provide a presidential candidate that Americans actually liked, who had a heavy hand in the destruction of Libya, and second; to blame for their inability to provide a candidate unable beat a TV game show host, and lastly; to have an ace in the hole to blame future loses on in the upcoming mid-term elections – the mainstream media idiots continue with their relentless hysterical demonetization of a country who, by many accounts, moves on and does its best to make their country better, much to the admiration of everyone outside of Rachel Maddow’s Russia-hating tirades.

Yet the war-loving demons here in the U.S. shouldn’t be too dismayed with the hint of peace, as Washington amps up its military role in the Yemen war. The starvation siege of Yemen has begun, with nary a whimper of reporting of it by the main stream media. There is much destruction to be done, and Washington and its vassals of war-producing corporations need war…many wars to satisfy the deep pockets of military industrialized company nutjobs who only recognize power, control and profits. What their final judgement from the Universe that awaits them only Hollywood could concoct a fitting dramatization of, but of course, never would.

Russia honors its fallen of 26 million who died during WWII, often forgotten in the history of WWII; it fights terrorists, invited by sovereign nations to assist, and does what it can to promote worldwide cooperation toward peace – it is far from perfect but it is not the election-meddling state that war-loving degenerates in the West claim it is. There is always need of a ‘fall-guy’ in the West in order to casually dismiss Washington’s “misjudgements” that result in the end of innocents lives, or the loss of an election that morons think they should have won. Russia fits the degenerates’ bill for blame…for now.

As the main stream media in the West continues with their daily lies that promote war, war and more war with whatever country that may be on Washington’s hit list (more than likely inhabited with people with brown-colored skin) Washington continues with it’s annihilation of innocents in Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Iraq, Yemen, and hardly a soul in America knows…or cares. Even the demons of the MSM admit that the U.S. funds ISIS – but so what, there are still profits to be made off the deaths of innocents and war profiteering must continue in the West. If that costs thousands of lives…so be it.

How does one talk to their children, if any still do, and explain the carnage and loss of innocent lives in lands far away at the hands of Washington and the media’s war-loving psychopath’s? How does one face other human beings, and say, with straight face…yeah, I believe in Washington’s wars? And finally, how does a soul face their Creator, no matter who or what they may believe they are, supporting, either tacitly or with fervor, the destruction of others?


Tonight’s musical offering:

Gothenburg Symphony ~ Gustavo Dudamel/Conductor

3rd movement from Tchaikovsky’s 6th symphony “Pathetique”. Filmed in Gothenburg, Oslo and Reykjavik in September 2011.

Photo credit (front page): http://www.unsplash.com/@olivierfa