The Muscle/Brain-Stimulation for Charlatan Politicians

Life is so weird for politicians – one day you’re living large, enjoying fast food en route to a summit with the leader of North Korea, throwing out olive branch twigs of peace, saying the US will end military ‘war games’ conducted with South Korea for fun and frolic – the next day Congress binds your ass up, concerned that peace may break out…somewhere.

A pair of Senate Democrats introduced a bill Wednesday that would prevent President Donald Trump from unilaterally drawing down the American troop presence on the Korean peninsula – not necessarily because he’s said he will, but because they don’t want to rely on his word that he won’t. – via

Trump simply mentioned that he would like to, some day, when the moon is right and his tweets are humming along splendidly, bring home the 32,000 American troops serving their time in South Korea – a very worthy endeavor. But Congress is having none of that shyte.

“At some point, I have to be honest. I used to say this during my campaign… I want to bring our soldiers back home. We have 32,000 soldiers in South Korea. I would like to be able to bring them back home. That’s not part of the equation. At some point, I hope it would be,” Trump said.

That type of uncertainty was enough for (Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn.) to try to establish some new restrictions.

“I don’t think it’s smart policy for Congress to rely on the word of the president,” the Connecticut Democrat told ABC. “This time he gave away exercises for nothing, what’s to stop him from giving away troops for nothing?” – via

Funny (not really) how Congress has no problem when the President wants to launch a few hundred missiles on a sovereign nation, or giving him an additional $80 Billion for military spending for more bombs and destructive hardware without a shake of the head of disapproval, but when it comes to even a hint of peace that might lead to American soldiers being home with their families – now that’s a problem.

But you know how it is. You hope for maximum brain power to those you entrust state of the nation affairs to so you can concentrate on maximum results from your work out at the gym. I mean, come on…without a bitchin’ bod to show off for your morning latte, your 10:00 staff meeting with subordinates, your epic working lunch of tofu sandwich with some sort of vegetables at the local food court that’s housed inside a renovated warehouse in what use to be the slums in your city; which, of course, makes it cool, trendy and selfie-worthy, you wonder for a fleeting second if doing an electric shock workout is the ideal way to go to attain defined muscles in the right places so that no one will ever, never again, swipe right (or left) when viewing your Tinder profile, or choose to look at another social media page other than yours.

Clients don a power suits that hook up to Electronic Muscle-Stimulation Technology, known as EMS.

The electrode-studded bodysuit must be dampened to conduct electricity before the workout. Class goers dress in special undergarments, get strapped in and attached to mini-power packs that send tiny pulses of electricity to activate 300 critical muscle groups all at once. These electrodes make muscles involuntarily contract.

The intensity of the shocks are customized to each person’s tolerance and strength level. via –

Evidently, living “large” isn’t just for politicians in the richest country in the world. Mercy! The conundrums of those who have money to waste and brains not engaged in anything other than present-day mundane – the “choices” of BS that they must decide upon each day boggles the mind.

If only there were electronic brain/muscle-stimulation for charlatan politicians in Washington, where, when having even an ounce of thinking that would lead them toward more wars, more graft, more usury of the people, more of their criminal activities – that tiny pulses of electricity would activate the 3 critical muscle groups in their brain at once, powering their brains to think of life before death, compassion and empathy before their personal pocket books and the well-being of those less fortunate over their thirst to dominate the world and turn it into one giant cesspool of suffering – humanity might stand a chance of survival.

We have no answer for those who choose Electronic Muscle-Stimulation and other modern day nuttiness, other than a reading of John Kennedy Toole’s work, “A Confederacy of Dunces” – you know, a book!

If nothing else, if may get your worldview straightened out:

“My mother is currently associating with some undesirables who are attempting to transform her into an athlete of sorts, deprave specimens of mankind who regularly bowl their way to oblivion.” ― John Kennedy Toole, A Confederacy of Dunces


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