How Do You Extinguish the Truth? It’s Being Done Right Before Our Eyes

Like the panting canine looking for a shady spot to escape the summer heat, so too the corporate vermin will be looking for mountains to cover them or an Elon Musk spaceship to haul their deplorable asses away at light speed to avoid the universe’s judgement on their lives when the final curtain falls on this grand comedy, or before that, when the restless natives have a “come to Jesus” meeting with themselves and decide that truly, enough is enough in allowing the swarm of locusts to continue lay to waste any hopes of a decent life for the average working American.

There may be multi-billion dollar corporations that value their employees, pay them a decent wage, don’t work them into the ground and are at least a sliver of what their slick Madison Avenue advertisements say they are…but one would be hard pressed to find one:

A “jaw-dropping” wage theft report out this week reveals that many top U.S. corporations—from Walmart to Bank of America to AT&T—”have fattened their profits by forcing employees to work off the clock or depriving them of required overtime pay,” based on a review of labor lawsuits and enforcement actions. – via

In the richest country in the world, where the median salary of the average worker wage has been flat since 1978, but the shysters running these corporations pay has increased 978%,  (and executive pay remains outrageous) it is not surprising in the least that modern day sweat shops are alive and doing extremely well as the zombie public slave away, painfully aware that their work on the corporate plantation barely provides them with a wage that provides the basics, and most often times, does not.

C-Level salaries are what slave masters dream of.  They provide the corporate shysters with riches to make their every shyte-infested dream come true, that being to bending the knee to their bottom line – profits, no matter what their workers have to endure to, along with the power to control narrative, along with the reality they want you to believe in, for their profits, on the backs or workers, naturally.

The employers who paid the most penalties for wage theft violations ranged from retailers and banks to insurance and telecommunications companies, the report highlights:

Among the dozen most penalized corporations, Walmart, with $1.4 billion in total settlements and fines, is the only retailer. Second is FedEx with $502 million. Half of the top dozen are banks and insurance companies, including Bank of America ($381 million); Wells Fargo ($205 million); JPMorgan Chase ($160 million); and State Farm Insurance ($140 million). The top 25 also include prominent companies in sectors not typically associated with wage theft, including telecommunications (AT&T); information technology (Microsoft and Oracle); pharmaceuticals (Novartis); and investment services (Morgan Stanley and UBS).

Kilian Colin, who worked for Wells Fargo from 2013 to 2016, said that “aggressive sales quotas based on exploiting vulnerable customers forced me into 12-hour shifts with no breaks and no food allowed—and threats to withhold my paycheck if I didn’t sign off on working extra hours for free.”

The sweat of the American worker has been turned into a carnival of delights for C-Level executives to feast upon. It’s a 5 course meal of extraordinary delights…for them. For the average American worker, they are left to piss in a bottle to allow them to meet deadlines, enlist of the assistance of food stamp programs to allow them to meet basic needs and unable to afford the basics of healthcare that most industrial nations provide to their citizens, free…just not in the U.S.

They enlist lies continually, like the age-old lie that raising wages kills jobs. And the suppression of all that is decent for a human being is left in ruins:

America’s wealth is enjoyed by its privileged class. Ordinary people struggle to get by.

US healthcare expenditures are double the average of other developed countries – its availability based on the ability to pay, notably to treat expensive illnesses and injuries.

US infant mortality is the highest among industrialized nations. “Americans can expect to live shorter and sicker lives, compared to people living in any other rich (country), and the ‘health gap between the US and its peer countries continues to grow,” Alston explained.

US inequality way exceeds the level in other developed nations. Its obesity is highest among rich countries.

It ranks 36th worldwide in access to clean water and sanitation. It has the world’s highest incarceration rate by far, exceeding China’s and India’s, both countries with four-times the US population.

Its youth poverty exceeds other developed nations. America ranks last among the world’s most well-off countries in terms of labor rights, poverty, safety net protections, wealth, inequality and economic mobility. – via

Has it always been this way…more than likely.  Who knows for sure as history is written by the victors.  And the “victors” have passed down the rottenness, the cruelty, the disdain they have in their hearts for the poor, the less fortunate, the helpless – keeping them subservient to a ruling class of morons  – dependent upon living these moron’s dead dreams of adolescent droppings that have brought nothing but suffering to the ordinary citizen. It is the timeless struggle of good against evil, and evil, in this circus, seems to always win.

Sadly, one would hope that in this “enlightened” age, we would have learned from past demons holding the purse, understanding the sliver of truth afforded to us is what we must hold to, that being, that almost all of what we believe that has transpired before us is nothing more than a chalice of emptiness, designed to keep all of us entangled in their labyrinth of deception.

But how can we learn, when generation after generation since WWII (and before), has embraced the ugly. We’ve allowed ourselves to be indoctrinated with government and media guano, buying into the BS, buying into the politically correct, accepting the culturally insane, leaving us with the “norm” of a sick society…drunk, high, uneducated, sickeningly promiscuous, and believing in the the most idiotic of idioms, that “might makes right”. How many have innocents have died from this belief that continues to this day?

Facing God, the Universe, Mother Earth or whatever created this merry-go-round, saying, as we take our last breath…we really wanted to alleviate the suffering of all those less fortunate than ourselves, as we attained wealth beyond our imaginings, on the backs of the labors of those whose produced on our behalf, probably won’t cut it.

But not to worry too much, as one of the most evil corporations in the world, Facebook, is hiring.

Facebook is Hiring “News Credibility Specialists” That Will Pass Judgement on Which Sites are ‘Credible” and Which Sites are not. – via

All is right with the world!

How do you extinguish truth…it’s being done right before our eyes.


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