Brief Tastes of Freedom

Sometimes it’s a gift to be laid off from the company you’ve slaved away at for years on end, rewarded with one nutjob boss after another, little recognition, twits and dullards for co-workers, until you conclude there is no way out from this looney tunes segment other than “getting a package”, as they say.

Imagine, if you can, that you’re an employee of Facebook, you know, that company that disregards your privacy; was recently accused of of conducting mass surveillance through it Apps; who recently partnered with Saudi-funded Think Tank to censor posts that threaten “democracy”; where Terrorists are still allowed to recruit, despite Zuckerberg’s reassurances; and a company who decides it’s cool to censor whomever they want to censor.  What ring of hell one might end up taking permanent residence in, just from working at one of Beelzebub’s favorites, is left for heavenly bodies to debate.



Now imagine that Facebook has decided to build its new data center in Eagle Mountain, Utah, just across the highway from where the NSA’s data center is in Bluffdale, Utah. What a deal!  Candy canes and lollipops are falling from the sky!

Jobs, jobs and more jobs of mining your privacy, censoring content and just being a tool of Satan’s red hot poker awaits citizens of Utah looking for jobs.  A hop, skip and a jump over the highway to the NSA’s data center is bonus!


“The NSA Data Center is essentially server space, where they have large rooms with racks of servers,” says (Pete) Ashdown, who toured the buildings as a part of Utah Data Center Consortium, a group of public and private stakeholders interested in Utah’s data center industry.

At first Ashdown was excited to see what the NSA was building, but found out they were pretty tight lipped about details.

“The questions they would answer were very banal. But, we were able to calculate the capacity by counting the generators. Each of those generators was a two megawatt generator and they had over thirty of them,” said Ashdown. “I think a megawatt can service 1,000 homes.”

When Ashdown left the facility, he began to digest what he saw recalling what former AT&T engineer and NSA whistleblower Mark Klein revealed in 2004: An NSA intercept room at the AT&T headquarters in the San Francisco Bay area.

“All the data flowing through AT&T at the time was going in and nobody knew what was going on inside,” said Ashdown, who also says he was told the Utah Data Center is not connected to the internet all all.

“I started to realize that it is just a data collection point. That they are collecting and storing as much data off the internet and telephone networks that they can. And they think that if you ask for a warrant later to look at the data that’s okay,” said Ashdown. via

But it’s cool for the 1.5 billion daily users on Facebook.  They actually could give a shyte about privacy, censorship and the likes…how else to explain their continued use!

Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard. ~  H. L. Mencken

But it’s not like there’s anything else of interest going on, right?

The NSA  has tripled its collection of U.S. phone records;  the police state here in America ratchets up each day; Trump has dropped a record number of bombs on the Middle East – and the TSA is keeping a secret watch list of  those who fight back – it’s all a big yawn for insouciant Americans.

Instead of seeking nirvana in the form of jobs at a cozy little den of hell, the few Americans who still give a shyte about life, freedom from tyranny and the well-being of their loved ones, welcome a layoff package where they’ll be given a bit of a reprieve from the lunacy, afforded time to spend with their families and briefly, if even for a few moments, afforded a taste of freedom, before the coming financial collapse.

For all the others…the poor, the destitute, the elderly, the uninsured, the homeless – their little taste of nirvana will have to wait. After all, Washington’s slime, and their corporate counterparts in shittery have plans that benefit only them…and to hell with everyone else.


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