King of the World

Everybody knows how it is.  There are times when you’re obliged to go a mall because a) you actually need a few clothes or other items, b) your significant other, humanoid partner or robot sex pal cajoles you into tagging along with the pay-off of a “nice” lunch – so you’re told, or c) you enjoy watching zombies.

But then, while watching mall zombies, every once in a while you get surprised.

Obliged recently to go a mall because there was an actual need of clothes, I witnessed one human in the pack of zombies.

He was an older man, obviously extremely limited with his ability to just walk. His right arm was completely motionless, and his left leg dragged whenever he attempted to take a step.  But there he was, “walking” the mall, in the midst of zombies who were texting as they walked, blathering on about nothing on their phones. Each step he took looked painful, his breathing was a bit labored, but he forged on. The fortitude needed to just get to the mall, let alone walk it, was to be admired. One individual, in the midst of zombies, making an effort to continue on that didn’t include one’s head tilted at a 45 degree angle to view the latest electronic goo.

9486592385_ff7906b85e_z-2In an effort to make us all zombies, Jeff Bezos, (CEO/Amazon) multi billionaire, 130 times over, the “philanthropist” who makes a few billion more every time he shines his noggin, the same philanthropist who just can’t come up with a way to provide his employees with a living wage, whose warehouse workers and drivers have to pee in bottles to save time, and have a job perk of  working in horrific warehouse conditions – the bald-headed wonder wants to provide the government and law enforcement with a bit more invasion into your privacy with new facial recognition software called “rekognition”.



Sounds tasty, doesn’t it?

New reports explain that the online retail giant (amazon) has now begun marketing a new facial recognition software to police departments all across the country that privacy experts are worried will eventually be used for more Big Brother spying.

Known as “Rekognition,” the tool is already being used by at least one police agency in Oregon to compare photographs of unidentified suspects against a database of mug shots from the local jail – a common and legitimate use for this type of technology. But it’s what else this technology could be used for that has many people worried.

Should police officers one day have the facial recognition software embedded into their body cameras, for instance, it could allow for innocent civilians to be tracked in real time. The tool could also end up making its way inside safety and traffic cameras for similar purposes. – via

But we must be sensitive to Mr. Bezos’ needs.  He simply must continue to make billions.  If not, he won’t be able to take vacations with his family, such as the following:

But it’s not all business in the Bezos household. Part of his billions goes toward “lots of pleasures,” including epic vacations with his family. Bezos’ wife, MacKenzie, planned a recent trip to Norway, he said, where the couple and their four children stayed in an ice hotel for three days and went dogsledding and saw timber wolves.

“It really was an incredible vacation, a pretty incredible holiday,” Bezos said. A once-in-a-lifetime vacation like that would probably require months, or even years, of saving for the average person to afford. For Bezos, it’s literally pocket change.

As for that $23 million mansion Bezos is renovating in Washington, DC — he’s reportedly spending $12 million on renovations, which is about $136 in Bezos dollars. – via

Of course, we all know how it is…one day you’re living large…the next day you’re living even more large.

Capitalism really does work…for the few willing to sell their soul so that they can stay in an ice hotel for three days…and of course there’s the “upkeep” on the mansion that needs to be done.

So what that employees at the company have to piss in bottles, or endure extreme heat in company warehouses, or supplement their pitiful wage with food stamps. First-class ice hotel vacations and $12 million in mansion renovations for the bald headed CEO of this corporate shyte-hole requires a lot of sacrifice from Amazon’s regular employees.

But Jeff doesn’t want you to worry too much, content knowing that he’s planning his next vacation where his family travels, via climate controlled helicopter, where they have just finished a 7 course meal, complete with fast food joyous meals for the little ones, while Jeff is dropped on the top of Mount Everest, where, at a specific moment when the sun bounces off his chrome dome at a 33 degree angle, he screams he’s king of the world.

King of the world baby…King of the world!

How Amazon Is Screwing America – Jimmy Dore


Tonight’s musical offering:

Handel ~ “Arrival of the Queen of Sheba” ~ Conductor: Harry Christophers ~ BCC Proms 2009

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