Lunatics on Parade

You know how it goes…you’re smacking down a bowl of genetically modified corn flakes, in a hurry to get out the door to participate in another day of lunacy in the richest country in the world and you get a flash of thought while taking deep breaths of your morning latte, stuck in traffic, and wonder…have you ever known a full-fledged lunatic?

Many candidates come to mind. Maybe a family member, a relative, a friend, your boss, their boss, maybe even your spouse. Yes, they be a bit looney at times…but a full-fledged lunatic. Nah.

But fear not, there are plenty of examples of living lunatics, and yes, though it’s low hanging fruit, we have to look no further than the lunatics in Washington. With so many to choose from, it’s hard to pick just one.

Trump, Bolton, Pompeo, Haspel…all have their special place in Gehenna reserved for them, but Nikki Haley, the know-it-all, condescending tart, seemingly without a heart or mind, is lunatic supreme in this quintet of nutjobs.

Check out this tasty morsel of nastiness and duplicity from her pursed lips:

8315318298_926671249b_mIt is very common for the US to use its veto power to protect Israel from any UN Security Council repercussions for its mistreatment of the Palestinians. US Ambassador Nikki Haley praised Israel over the killings, saying they’d not only shown “restraint” in only killing 61, but had shown more restraint than any other country on the planet would’ve in the face of the demonstration.

Haley further claimed that the blame should really fall on the Iranian government, on the grounds that the protesters were encouraged by the Hamas movement, and Iran has backed the Hamas movement in the past. –

Indeed, restraint was shown by Israel in only killing 61 Palestinian’s. Other countries would not have shown so much restraint. She’s got that part right. If the Washington quintet of idiots were calling the “shots” given such a “dreadful scenario” that Israeli soldiers faced from rocks being thrown at them by unarmed protester’s, they would have already bombed what’s left of Palestine into oblivion. Washington knows how to lay a country to waste. Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Syria – plenty of experience there in scattering death and destruction around for all in the Middle East to enjoy.

And of course the blame for Israeli’s use of expanding bullets to ward off the rock throwers should fall on the Iranian government.  Since Iran is the next country on the quintet’s dart board of death for regime change, good to slip it in for a bit of predictive propagandizing. Ms. Haley’s mentor of death, John Bolton, must be beaming.

At the UN Security Council on Monday, where the US blocked a resolution calling for an independent probe into the killing of scores of Palestinian protesters this week along the Gaza Strip border, Ms. Haley did not produce photo’s of Palestinian children killed by Israel’s bullets of self defense.  Stunning, as Ms. Haley is fond of “show and tell” gigs showing photos of Syrian children who were victims of the since debunked 2017 Syrian chemical attack . Evidently, dead Palestinian children don’t count in this lunatic’s version of Washington hegemony.  And who can forget Ms. Haley telling the world that the U.S. is “locked and loaded”, ready to send missiles of love toward anyone in the way of Washington’s continued dream of producing hell on earth for everyone, except themselves, of course.

256px-BowlingballMaybe it’s the weight of carrying around 4 adult-sized bowling balls on the cervical spine – a result from the neck strain so many experience from their neck bent over, texting supremely uninteresting tidbits of their boring lives, with the typical texting position increasing the weight of the head by 5 times that makes the brain shut down, incapable of reason.

In a sane world, the likes of the quintet of lunatics of Trump, Pompeo, Bolton, Haspel and Haley would be cleaning toilets in the grungiest of outhouses. In present day America, we reward these lunatics with the highest of positions where their delight in darkness is brought to bear upon the rest of the world – and with it, the world slowly dies.

I’m never asked what can be done to thwart such madness. It must be that “typical texting position” responsible for most Americans’ disinterest in anything outside the latest text they receive.

Thanks to the tremendous education system here in the US which has produced nothing more than robotic minds with heads bent over; thanks to the mainstream media and their spineless inquisitiveness of all the rot of Washington; and thanks to our own insouciance, we find ourselves with a government run by lunatics – lunatics of the demonic kind.

“All human nature vigorously resists grace because grace changes us and the change is painful.” ― Flannery O’ConnorThe Habit of Being: Letters of Flannery O’Connor

If only Americans wouldn’t resist grace. This understanding and coming to terms with the “grace” afforded each of us, and what to do with this grace, is the only salvation left to us to ward off the demons who encircle us.


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