The Happily Homogenized (& Obedient) Society

“All government is, in its essence, organized exploitation, and in virtually all of its existing forms it is the implacable enemy of every industrious and well-disposed man.” ~ H.L. Mencken

Like the “warm” blanket that the hospital staff tuck around you when you’re experiencing the joys of an extended stay at their facility of “we’re not quite sure what’s ailing you”; or experiencing the joys of lollipops and candy canes falling from the skies, mixed in with the governments’ geo-engineering of the weather that produces a blanket of misty goo in the skies, keeping you from experiencing the benefits of getting a bit of vitamin D from the sun and of plants getting their necessary nutrients; or the radiation and health deteriorating benefits of 5G and the internet of things being deployed across the country so that you can download that movie or latest TV propaganda nonsense in a few seconds…you know your government has your back.

What’s the problem with a little 5G to make download speeds of the latest insipid offerings from the mainstream media happen blazingly fast? Nothing, if you take the almost non-existent pulse of insouciant Americans addicted to their electronic devices.

Who cares if just a few of the adverse biological affects of 5G are: DNA single and double strand breaks; oxidative damage; disruption of cell metabolism; increased blood brain barrier permeability; melatonin reduction; disruption to brain glucose metabolism and generation of stress proteins, to name just a few (there are many more). Who even knows what any of these adverse biological affects are, anyway. We’ve been so dumbed down by the “education” provided by government funded schools and the stupidity on display via social media and proper, media-approved thinking that we don’t even know (or care) what melatonin actually is.  Besides, the government hasn’t mentioned any of these adverse biological affects, so it’s all probably just hogwash. What’s important is that we can download junk for our brains in seconds.

Driverless cars, refrigerators telling you that you’re low on tofu; washers, dryers, air conditioning and heating units, and all other appliances hooked up to the glorious internet of things, monitoring (spying) on your energy usage, soon to be part of your social credit rating account, where your loving government will determine whether you are a trustworthy type, or maybe someone who needs a bit more monitoring, or if really untrustworthy, your ability to function in society is simply shut down by your caring government, it’s all a nightmare waiting for each of us.

rhett-wesley-343206-unsplash“Imagine a world where many of your daily activities were constantly monitored and evaluated: what you buy at the shops and online; where you are at any given time; who your friends are and how you interact with them; how many hours you spend watching content or playing video games; and what bills and taxes you pay (or not). It’s not hard to picture, because most of that already happens, thanks to all those data-collecting behemoths like Google, Facebook and Instagram or health-tracking apps such as Fitbit. But now imagine a system where all these behaviors are rated as either positive or negative and distilled into a single number, according to rules set by the government. That would create your Citizen Score and it would tell everyone whether or not you were trustworthy. Plus, your rating would be publicly ranked against that of the entire population and used to determine your eligibility for a mortgage or a job, where your children can go to school – or even just your chances of getting a date.” [Source]

Of course, all these methods of keeping life “safe” from the bogeymen who want to end your ability to download the latest dim-witted episode of SNL in a couple of seconds, is a top priority of our government. And these methods require surveillance…a lot of it. How would like to be surveilled today? Don’t have any particular method in mind?  Not to worry, the government is already doing it in whatever fashion they want.  Facial recognition will ensure that everyone behaves as the government decides they should. And if facial recognition isn’t enough, there are many other surveillance methods being employed to guarantee that you, as an obedient slave, will get your monthly allotment of Fruit Loops, as long as you tote to the government jive.

The National Security Agency (NSA) has been diverting “internet traffic, normally safeguarded by constitutional protections, overseas in order to conduct unrestrained data collection on Americans.”

It’s extraordinary rendition all over again, only this time it’s surveillance instead of torture being outsourced.

In much the same way that the government moved its torture programs overseas in order to bypass legal prohibitions against doing so on American soil, it is doing the same thing for its surveillance programs.

By shifting its data storage, collection and surveillance activities outside of the country—a tactic referred to as “traffic shaping” —the government is able to bypass constitutional protections against unwarranted searches of Americans’ emails, documents, social networking data, and other cloud-stored data. – John W. Whitehead, via

See – your government really, really cares about you.

They litter the sky with their goo, they litter the airwaves with their spying, they litter our minds with their propaganda – all for our “safety”, of course. But think of the children who need to be protected – unless you are children in sovereign nations that Washington decides to bomb, or in sovereign nations that Washington sanctions for the hell of it – depriving children of the necessities of life…these children don’t matter.  But you…yes, you and your children here in America matter to your benevolent government…as long as you follow Washington’s insanity.


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