Rule by the Dimwitted

“Only dull people are brilliant at breakfast.” ~ Oscar Wilde

We are ruled by the dimwitted, the dull, the boring – those who, either by example of deviancy passed from one generation to the next, or deals with the devil (probably the same thing) understood early in life that scamming everyone they came in contact with, whether they be the preacher, the wife, the husband, the child, the boss, the teacher and God Himself was in their best interest in securing a life of free from prison, from real work, from human commitments, from any whiff of morality or honor – enabling them to do what they do best, scam the people.

Wit, defined as mental sharpness and inventiveness; keen intelligence and also: a natural aptitude for using words and ideas in a quick and inventive way to create humor – no special discernment is needed here to understand how few of those who lead the masses have neither mental sharpness, inventiveness or a keen intelligence to do so.  They are, by and large, the blowhards who won’t shut up, who are forever smiling that calculating smile while talking with you, all the while wondering what particular scam you might fall for, of forever developing scenario’s in which you will suffer and they will profit in one fashion or another from your misery.

From the dimwitted leading the Congress of the United States, with their most recent scam of planning to spend millions to search for aliens and UFO’s, to thousands of elderly Louisiana residents facing eviction from nursing homes due to possible loss of benefits because of budget cuts, to the mother lode of all scams where $21 Trillion in unsupported adjustments have been reported by the Department of Defense and the Department of Housing and Urban Development for the years 1998 – 2015 – the charlatans, the dim-witted laugh as they fleece us all.

Yes, that’s $21 TRILLION!  A little thing like world-wide poverty could be eliminated with that kind of money, along with a home for all. But the dimwitted, the dull, the boring – those who have not an ounce of aspirations beyond their own gain, rule the world.

thomas-griesbeck-149034-unsplashGehenna must be a crowded place, for it’s not just the present day witless who have been scheming whatever ways at hand that can delude, trick, or scare the common man and women into believing in their lies and succumbing to a state of perpetual apathy, content in believing these ordinary scam artists are the brightest of the lot, and worse, allowing them the to cast their magic dust of misery upon millions of innocents. Sadly, it’s worked for centuries, so why should the present day be different? Evidently, it’s not, and no matter all the electronic wonders of the modern era that allow even the most ignorant a path out from their ignorance, they choose to wallow in it.

“The man who invents a new imbecility is hailed gladly, and bidden to make himself a home; he is, to the great masses of men, the beau ideal of mankind. Go back through the history of the past thousand years and you will find that nine-tenths of the popular idols of the world – not the heroes of small sects, but the heroes of mankind in the mass – have been hawkers of palpable nonsense.” H.L. Mencken ~ A Mencken Chrestomathy

Politicians, Hollywood nit-wits, mainstream media presstitues, radio talk-show imbeciles – we continue to allow the dimwitted to rule the day. Whatever new imbecility they concoct, we swallow.  Deep within us we know what these shysters offer is nothing other than horseshit, but we continue, in apathy, to take the road of least resistance, which is exactly what the dimwitted count upon. For all they aspire to are the heights of the lowest gutter, and count on everyone else following them. And sadly, we have.

Dimwittedness is equated to being clever, talented, smart, or most nauseatingly, genius, in the modern era – and maybe it has always been so throughout history.  How else to explain that humanity continues to follow along in their gutter, and we continue to apathetically drink from the cup of their shallowness. Yet, the the current card board cut-outs of the clever, the talented, the smart and geniuses of today are nothing more than a long line of shysters that have haunted humanity with their depravity from the beginning of this whole mess.

Rather than follow the words, thinking or creativity of messengers of God in the form of Mozart, Jesus Christ, Beethoven, Goethe, Rembrandt, Twain, Malcolm X, Bobby Kennedy, King, Van Gogh, Tolstoy and Dostoevsky and too many others to keep mentioning, we allow the likes of Trump, Bolten, Haley, Pompeo, Haspel and all the other demonic dimwits before them to continue to send the souls of mankind to the gallows.

Until we dare to stand up and not allow the insanity of the dimwitted and depraved to continue to send humanity to the noose, the rope we grant them will eventually hang each and every one of us.

“Much unhappiness has come into the world because of bewilderment and things left unsaid.” Fyodor Dostoyevsky


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Mozart: Symphony #41, “Jupiter” ~ Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orchestra ∙ Paavo Järvi, Conductor (3rd & 4th movements)


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