So What That We Signed a Deal…Screw That!

We all know how it is…you sign onto a deal, a contract – you buy a home, a car, or sign up for 10 years of insipid cable offerings, and sooner rather than later, it comes time to take care of all things you signed on the dotted line for and tell those who sold you your home, who sold you the car you’ve been driving for 5 years, to go to Hell and that you no longer want what you agreed to and are rescinding the deals.  Sure, you can get away with that, right?

But when you’re Washington and you sign on to any agreement that you determine, on a dark and foggy night, no longer fits your regime change plans for a given country, you simply pull out of the deal and give everyone the finger. It’s good to be the king.

Sure…a few of the “never-trumpers” or antiwar proponents, or even 100 or so national security veterans might find your violation of the Iran Nuclear deal insane, but who cares…they aren’t privy to the future war plans that make the inner thighs of Washington’s warmongering demons quiver with delight, not to mention keeping America’s “war economy” healthy and robust.  Sign a document stating that your country is getting out of a deal that your country violated is candy-cane fodder for insouciant Americans.

The idiot with orange hair, in between gobbling down fast food offerings, had to keep at least one of his campaign promises, and chose to take the path less traveled by the average person seeking to just make it from one day to the next, deciding that walking away from the Iran nuclear deal was just to ticket to make America safer.  Sure…just say so and it makes it the truth.  Such choice guano…as usual from this dipshit. But “dipshittery” is particularly effective when you sign a piece of paper, hold it up in front of the adoring idiots of the mainstream media and declare your BS has no stench.

America’s word is worthless, but the lunatic in the White House gets to stand firm, stand strong and offer up more insanity that is every bit as nutritious as the fast food meals he dines on.  Again, we have billions upon billions to send to the military industrial complex, billions and billions to produce death and destruction for other nations, yet hardly a billion or so can be dispersed to this country’s aging, their homeless, their poor, their uninsured. Ho-hum!

But don’t concern yourselves too much about all this. How many Americans really care about death and destruction in lands far away anyway?  Everything is gravy here in the richest country in the world.  If you don’t believe me, just listen to talking idiots of the both the left and right who sight government reports, getting boned over falsified unemployment reports, smugly telling you that anyone who wants a job has the opportunity to get one…screw it that such a job pays less than minimum wage and that you might have to pee in a bottle to get in the appointed rounds of delivery the slave factory you work for requires – you have the “opportunity” to get that job. The talking idiots have their’s and could give a shit if you have even a sliver of yours. It’s the American way in the modern era.

And if you don’t like that minimum wage “opportunity” afforded to all, you can always secure a position with the military and instead of peeing a bottle, you can get a position within the military where you can piss on other countries at Washington’s discretion.


Tonight’s musical offering:

Leonard Slatkin leads the Detroit Symphony Orchestra in Tchaikovsky’s Second Symphony, nicknamed the “Little Russian” for its use of Ukrainian folk melodies. (final few moments)

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Photo credit (front page): By DonkeyHotey (Donald Trump – Caricature) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons