They’re Lying to Us Again

Cruel and oppressive government rule, or in other words, tyranny.  It’s obviously not just a recent phenomenon, but it does seem Washington is perfecting it.

(CD— After presenting herself as “a typical middle-class American” who was brought up with a strong “moral compass” in her opening remarks before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Wednesday, Gina Haspel—President Donald Trump’s pick to head the CIA—would not admit that the agency has ever tortured nor would she say that she believes torture is immoral.

A “strong moral compass” means nothing. It’s gibberish. Most of us have seen the fine, upstanding individual who touted having a strong moral compass only to behave in the most immoral manner possible. The typical middle-class American understands that torture is immoral. Those of our government officials, who love to be seen with hand over heart, professing a belief in God or at least invoking God’s name whenever they finish a speech, seem to have conveniently forgotten God’s messages.

Seems we have another psychotic to add into the mix of demons controlling yet another agency in Washington’s collection of first-class psychotic’s.

While many news outlets have called Haspel a “seasoned intelligence professional” with 30 years of experience at the CIA across the world, “many of the rest of us called her ‘Bloody Gina,’ and we kept our distance,” John Kiriakou wrote in a February 2017 report for Reader Supported News. – via

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), blocked (in 2013) Haspel’s promotion to run clandestine operations at the agency over her role in interrogations at a CIA “black site” prison and the destruction of videotapes documenting the waterboarding sessions of an al Qaeda suspect there. – via


But it’s all cool now. Trump, Mr. MAGA, nominated her for CIA director, and it appears Ms. Feinstein is now open to her promotion. And if paying attention to the nutjob-in-chief and all the other neo-con gasbags feeling surges of pride over Trump pulling out of the JCPOA, isn’t it comforting that Washington is marching us toward another war, with a nominated CIA chief who can’t (or won’t) say whether she believes torture is immoral? Any sane person must ask – can life in Gehenna get any more grotesque.


I often wonder if these demons in the government and press feel surges of pride when coffins arrive here in the States with the bodies of our forgotten military who make the “ultimate sacrifice” for Washington’s continued insanity.  Or maybe they feel surges of pride with the thousands upon thousands of innocents killed by Washington’s bombs in the never-ending war on terror for the last 17 years. But those horrors of war aren’t televised by the mainstream media, so it doesn’t happen. And the destruction of towns and cities in Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, and Syria aren’t televised much either…except to propagandize the West for more death and destruction. USA! USA! USA!… as long as those bombs aren’t exploding in our own back yards.

Washington’s bombs that destroy cities and countries, that kill the innocents in nations that Washington and their allies (who already have a life-time supply of nuclear weapons at their disposal) aren’t a threat to our freedoms or media gasbag’s feelings of pride. And that Trump is just as much the warmongering lunatic as Obama was, as Bush was, as Clinton was isn’t the real issue – as the sensation experienced in all these a-holes inner thighs of yet another country laid to waste is all that their depraved minds seem to live for. The real issue is that it’s war at all costs (except their’s) for these psychotic’s.

And if you choose to protest the nomination of a psychotic…if you choose to demand answers or expose Ms. Haspel’s alleged war crimes, you are dragged from the Senate hearing, no matter that you’re Ray McGovern, a highly decorated retired CIA analyst.

The truth must be suppressed at all costs.

Always try to remember, it won’t be the sons and daughters, relatives or loved ones of the government warmongers and media gasbags who they send to die in their wars…it’s your sons and daughters, the typical middle-class American, given that “honor”.

They lied to us about Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and Syria…they’re lying to us again.


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