The West and Their Grand Flatulence

As the US and its herd of cows, also known as allies, ramp up new and improved schemes to wet the lips of citizens for war, this time on Iran, who isn’t violating any nuclear agreement (it’s the US violating the agreement) which, of course, won’t keep the cows of the West from sending off a plume of methane with their latest insanity, concerned global citizens wonder when this assault on climate change will be extinguished?

“We’ll see what happens” seems to be the Donald’s latest venture into anything and everything that he hasn’t much of a clue about…which actually is anything and everything.

One week it’s “little rocket man“, then it’s “nice and new and smart” missiles that Russia needed to get ready for, then it’s “animal Assad”. Such grand flatulence from one who campaigned to end the last 17 years of insanity, a/k/a regime change – who promised better relations with Russia, who advocated bringing troops home instead of having them kicking rocks at over 800 US military facilities deployed in 177 countries – well, screw that – one never knows when US troops will need to be called upon to end a few more thousand lives, and sacrifice their own.


Can anyone continue to seriously listen to these who pollute the planet with their flatulence? Evidently so, for if you pay a scant bit of attention to the mainstream media – the methane emitted into the airwaves supporting the West’s grand flatulence of death smells good to these government stenographers as they continue with their lies – for they’ve sold the sliver of a soul left in them for paycheck and take government dictation as demanded.

The “kumbaya” of war, war, and more war from Washington and its herd of compliant cows, is ever present with the dawn of each day with the mainstream media.  Forget that the mainstream media presstitutes, presumably, have loved ones of their own who just might look into the sky one fine afternoon to see a mushroom cloud exploding in the distance sky.  They could give a fart –  because the demons of Washington and their addiction to basically annihilate any country who doesn’t agree to allow Washington’s hegemony must reign supreme no matter what.

In his confirmation hearing on April 12th, less than a month ago, Mike Pompeo (who this week began his tenure as Secretary of State) said he has “seen no evidence that they [Iran] are not in compliance today.”  But does that keep the guy with orange hair and a taste for bad fast food from uttering lunacy about possibly tearing up a nuclear agreement that the US was a signatory to…of course not.  More flatulence needs to be spewed into the air to endanger all forms of a peaceful existence for all life.  We even have leaders of other nations who drink Washington’s kool-aid (or the other way around) that want to destroy other countries, doing their comedy gigs of  “smoke and mirror” routines to convince the insouciance Western populace that war is needed….and needed now.

And why haven’t those who admonish the cows from doing what nature calls them to do – why haven’t they demanded an end to the human flatulence emitted by the US and the West’s continued cries for more and more death and destruction?

After all, Popular Science provides us the following gem of “wisdom”:

Climate change just isn’t that funny. Cow belches, conversely, are hilarious. It’s the rare issue that’s seriously impactful and giggle-inducing—bovine flatulence is a precious, smelly diamond in the climate change rough. And it turns out to be an even bigger problem than we thought. 

A new estimate of the global methane emissions from cow mouths and butts is 11 percent higher than previous stats suggested.

That may seem like a tiny amount to be off by, but the dose makes the poison—and boy is there a lot of poison billowing into our atmosphere. – via

Indeed, there is a lot of poison billowing into our atmosphere. But it’s not from God’s innocents in the form of animals that is most dangerous…it’s from the depraved psychotic’s in the US and the West – those who would end the lives of others and their loved ones quicker than a fart disappearing in the wind.

All war must be just the killing of strangers against whom you feel no personal animosity; strangers whom, in other circumstances, you would help if you found them in trouble, and who would help you if you needed it. ~ Mark Twain – “The Private History of the Campaign That Failed”


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