Observing the Lives of the Normals

When one is somewhat of a semi-recluse, going out into the world can be a bit of a frightening adventure.

What depths of depravity exists outside their sheltered and self-protected existence? Paranoia can easily set upon one as they take a step out into the world of the “normals”.

The first observation that hits the semi-recluse squarely in the middle of the forehead upon entering the world of the “normals”, is that nearly everyone dresses the same…that being, badly.

Some normals appear as if they threw on the clothes they wore yesterday…and the day before, without a scant of a thought to the sense of others, that being, the stench that arises from normals non-existent fashion sense.

Normals appear to have no knowledge of what style or taste is.

For men under the age of 40, the standard of style and taste is the stove-pipe fitting pants or jeans complimented with the ugliest of shirts, untucked, of course.  For women, anything tight-fitting that accentuates all that which shouldn’t be accented appears to be standard fare.

The second observation of the semi-recluse is that there is no observation from normals beyond the three feet circle of ignorance that surrounds them.

There is rarely “thank-you’s” offered to anyone who provides any type of service to them.  Common manners that are now uncommon in the modern era are rarely observed, in fact, it might be fair to say that they are not even known by the normals.


Eaves-dropping on conversations of normals, the semi-recluse concludes that life of the normals revolves solely around a series of strange, personal events that only they are concerned about but which they expect others to have first-hand and a heart-felt understanding about. Yet other normals, don’t and can’t understand, because hearing of other normals’ rabid tales of their “normal”… well, nothing registers with them, as they are completely obsessed with their person normal, to the extent, that they haven’t heard a syllable of the tales being told to them. It’s the never-ending expectations of normals hoping to find interest and considerations from other normals.  Like the sun setting in the East, it won’t happen.

Maybe a bit of a stretch (but not really) the US and the West, with its never-ending tentacles of “normal” thinking extending all over the world, seems to believe that the world outside the West actually swallows their hegemonic horseshit of world domination. It doesn’t.

The US and the West feign surprise, they feign being appalled at alleged atrocities, they feign support for the human rights of all…to the point where they devise military and regime change campaign’s of sovereign nations, sending our innocents to kill other innocents – just to make the point that they care…and of course, make the murderous point to the un-believing of Washington’s BS, that the no other viewpoints will be tolerated.

Demonize another sovereign country you’ve already invaded without their consent, spewing unproven allegations that afternoon and evening cocktails of chemical weapons are being unleashed upon their own citizens (which is nothing more than pure BS) thereby somehow justifying a launch of a hundred or so missiles in order to tell the “world” that you won’t stand for this type of shyte, and will fight it by launching their own missiles of death and destruction – such choice guano is the lunacy of normals as they expect others to nod their head in agreement, without questioning one word of their jive.  And sadly, it’s working.

One month it’s North Korea that holds the normal’s ire, telling tales of dastardly deals they’ve done and that they must be either obliterated (the tastiest of plans in these demon’s minds) or a nifty regime-change operation into the vanilla pudding of “yes-countries” who go along with Washington’s whims of insanity.

If not North Korea, then it’s Syria, or maybe the next country on their list of destruction...Iran, as they continue with their propaganda to lay the groundwork for a war the normals have been salivating over. And let us not forget the countries before them that Washington has laid to waste.

The semi-recluse, typically spending their time away from the “normal” of modern insanity, use their minds and the common sense endowed to them to think, to research, to rise a bit above the nonsense, and above all else, search for the truth. It’s not that difficult, yet it seems to be the most heinous of tasks for the normals. The circle of their imagined reality is all that occupies their everyday.

Sadly, the demonic reality of the normals occupying Washington continue to bring terror, madness and death to much of the rest of the world, while the everyday, average normals continue with their obliviousness outside their normal.

The semi-recluse seems to know better.  And sometimes they know, without even stepping foot into the normal.


Tonight’s musical offering:

Beethoven ~ Piano Concerto No. 4 ~ Nino Gvetadze, Piano ~ Georgian Sinfonietta, conductor Markus Poschner


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Photo credit: http://www.unsplash.com/@alienowicz