The Roads of Washington’s Apathy

Here in America, in most metropolitan areas or even non-metropolitan areas, one is given the opportunity to experience the joys of “four-wheelin” fun on roads without even leaving the city, day after day, and even after re-paving. What a deal!

Any season, any type of weather, one must drive defensively to avoid potholes, dips, bumps and the always pleasant pit of doom, the sewer cover, there in wait to bend a rim or two. It must be some sort of rocket science, yet-to-be understood dilemma, of what it takes to pave properly around man-hole covers.

The richest country in the world can’t be bothered with maintaining adequate roads for travel.

Actually, the richest country in the world can’t be bothered with much of anything that might benefit its people beyond a sliver of the basics for those who can’t find a job paying a livable wage, don’t have parents or relatives to live with and without anyone to turn to, must go through the bureaucratic red tape for a bit of Washington’s calloused and inadequate assistance.

Adequate housing for the poor and homeless, adequate roads to travel upon, adequate food to eat, adequate healthcare that doesn’t rape the poor and middle class – our government will throw a bit of less than adequate money at it, with a avalanche of adequate apathy toward their citizens’ problems in hopes that they will stay quiet and behave so that Washington can get onto what they do best: occupy and bomb other countries. $700 Billion+ for military expenditures for 2018 keeps that Washington nightmare going.


A “comprehensive strategy” toward Syria (more Washington inadequacies) is being bantered about by Washington and its fellow degenerates in the mainstream media in hopes that the public will continue to blink their eyes a few times, have a flash of thought wondering what such guano means, go back to sleep, enabling Washington to keep the occupation of a portion of Syria permanently in place. How many billions will this cost? Not to worry, the safety of Americans is desperately needed to keep Syria from bombing the US because of Washington’s disregard of its own people who are not provided adequate healthcare, adequate housing for its poor and adequate honesty from its government, to name just a few of Washington’s apathetic concerns it regrets it has to have for its citizens.

But what Washington and the UN are so concerned about is getting to the bottom of the alleged (and, as of today, unproven) chemical attacks in Syria, so much so that they have kept chemical weapons inspectors (OPCW) out of Douma. Evidently, the 105 missiles that Washington and West launched didn’t sufficiently destroy the site where the chemical attacks allegedly took place prior to the inspections and so the inspections must be delayed.

Oddly, other reporters have been able to make their way to Douma and report of a highly credible alternative explanation of what happened in Douma (and even more oddly) the West’s chemical stage play wasn’t anything even close to the opening night success that Washington and the West were counting on.

The Syrian government managed to facilitate a visit by CBS reporters days ago without incident. Many media groups seem to have no problem getting into Douma safely.

There have been numerous media attempts to turn conjecture into fact. One of the most egregious examples of war propaganda is a CNN reporter in Douma, handling and even sniffing supposed evidence. – via

The inadequacy and deplorable behavior of the West and its war-loving stooges in the media continues to astound the thinking soul.

Those suffering from the the Saudi onslaught of destruction in Yemen, backed by our tax dollars that continues to bombard and end innocents lives, all without a ‘show and tell’ routine from Nikki Haley showing pictures of the innocent souls who’ve lost their lives from Washington’s arrogant inadequacies continues without a protest.

The “big yawn’ from insouciant Americans, nurtured by mainstream media’s wet dream that there has to be a war with “somebody” to keep Washington’s charade afloat, could give a shyte about any suffering outside their smartphones. And anyone raising a voice about the depravity of war via the Washington war machine is insanely branded by the mainstream media.

But why should Americans care…with the Truman Carrier Strike Group arriving in the Mediterranean Sea, everything is in good hands – nothing to worry about.


Tonight’s musical offering:

Bill Evans ~ “My Foolish Heart”

Photo credit (Syria): By Voice of America News: Scott Bob report from Azaz, Syria. [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons