Let the Dogs Rule…Before It’s Too Late

You know how it goes. You’re listening to your boss drone on about unmet company goals, the need to work smarter, longer, harder (whatever that means) with the magical ability to bend “time” and create pie-in-the-sky scenario’s that will allow you to meet the customer’s ever changing needs and wants that the company has never really care about before, and you find yourself in a fog, thinking: God, this company has gone to the dogs.

The dog chases his tail in desperation to catch it. Sometimes never quite getting there but always providing an effort, usually accompanied by a whimsical look on the face of the human watching him or her.

The dog, being the intuitive and inquisitive creatures they are, tilts its head when it might not understand the voice inflection they hear, not knowing quite what to make of it.  Could it be a “treat” being mentioned?  How about food – yeah, that would be good?  How about going out on a walk – even better. Yeah, let’s go!  Dogs are lovingly simple creatures.


With the current crop of human psychotic’s running the government, the media, corporations, and scattering their depressingly rotten offerings on social media, determining what type of horseshit to feed America and the West on any given day, slowly but methodically, we are allowing them to eliminate our humanity, leading thinking minds to wonder – why can’t dogs rule everything?

From autonomous police cars in the near future, to a bizarre tech startup that pitches “brain-upload” that kills you in the process,  to Japan set to legalise “organ transplant farms” of animals to be raised and slaughtered for human transplant organsto your government that denounces all forms of killing, except those they authorize, to staging plays designed for a consensus among us all to start the bombings – the current crop of degenerates we’ve elected to run the show and allow into our homes via “programming” moving pictures of talking vile, death and insanity, are bringing humanity to the brink of something that probably isn’t real good.

“You can get all A’s and still flunk life.” ~ Walker Percy

Dogs don’t flunk life.  They live it with a zest and love that few humans experience – because they are true to their nature. Humans, on the other hand, seem to relish sending their nature to hell for a little demonic wash and spin-dry cycle, and then wear their newly” cleansed” apparel as some sort of Superman outfit that gives them carte blanche to make life a living hell for everyone.

” A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself.” ~  Josh Billings


dogs ii

Dogs know when and where to take their own kind – they help each other. They don’t squander billions upon billions on adventures of death and destruction for other humans in lands far away from their own, with a sick media cheering the destruction on, while many of their own kind in the very country they live in, suffer the most inhumane of day-to-day misery.

Dogs stay true to their nature…they share, provide love to each other and humans. They figured out long ago what it’s all about and haven’t ventured away from it.  Sadly, humans can’t quite come to understand that killing each other only provides hell on earth…for everyone.

dogs 3.gif

But do any in the West care anymore…about anything? Not to worry, there is plenty of “time” still ahead for all us to right the ship…right?


“Time/The Great Gig in the Sky” ~ Pink Floyd ~ Surround Sound

(headphones on for this one is you choose to listen)

Photo credit (front page): http://www.unsplash.com/@kateanne

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