The American Circus Towards Its Own Annihilation Deepens

When I was a young boy, some 50 years ago, the circus coming to town was an event that kids looked forward to – most of the time. But like pretending to enjoy snakes, lizards and other reptiles in order not to be considered a baby, we also had apprehension in our minds. After all, in a young kids mind, the circus could be filled with the odd, the quirky and the downright frightful. You never were quite sure what to expect.

Being grown-ups now – and if there’s a sliver of sanity in our minds – with the same apprehension of checking out body contortionists, we watch the modern-day circus of all that is wrong. It’s called Washington, the mainstream media, and sadly, even many of our fellow citizens.

TV Ratings: CBS’ Stormy Sitdown Has ’60 Minutes’ at Decade High, Topping 22 million viewers – via

Granted, there isn’t much of anything else going on in the world that Americans should be concerned about. What the guy with orange hair did with his ‘johnson’ back in 2006 is of paramount importance – more than any world war he may be leading us into.

More privacy infringement shenanigans at the hands of the US government via the $1.2 Trillion spending bill passed last Friday; the CIA admitting they have infiltrated every mainstream media outlet in America; non-reported health news that holistic doctors who discovered cancer enzymes in vaccines found murdered; that Congress voted to continue the US-backed Yemen war; and the mother of all circus acts –  that the US and the West continues with their wet-dream of winning a nuclear war with a sovereign nation, with nuclear capabilities that exceeds ours – it’s a three-ring circus of death, destruction and annihilation. All a big yawn from Americans – with their attention to anything of importance being diverted to all that does not matter.

As Caitlin Johnstone writes: (via

They want you arguing about whether Trump did or did not collude with Russia. They do not want you looking at what preexisting agendas the CNN/CIA Russia narratives are advancing and who stands to benefit from them.

They want everyone fighting over table scraps while they pour unfathomable riches into expanding and bolstering their empire. They psychologically brutalize you with propaganda day in and day out, and then expect you to look to them for protection from the phantoms they invented.

They don’t want you paying attention to the growing number of signs that the current administration is gearing up for a major military bloodbath which may lead our species into a third and final world war. They want you talking about Stormy Daniels instead.

And by “they” I of course mean the loose transnational alliance of plutocrats and defense/intelligence agencies who control the US-centralized empire, whose primary agenda is always to expand their own power and influence.

With a passing fancy amongst family and friends, there might be a bit of a prurient interest in the sexual escapades of relatives, friends, degenerates, co-workers and the likes. Yet such inquisitiveness into an uncomfortable zone of knowing who did what to whom and what body part was involved won’t lead to detonation of a nuclear warhead over your home. It’s nothing more than an exercise of feeling superior for either having not done, or not been caught at what one wags their self-righteous finger at.

The cream at the top of the container is the shyte from our government, and what their lying, criminal accomplishes in the media attempt to drum into the collective – that being, they hold the golden chalice of knowledge, kindness, care and concern for all teddy bears, no matter the number of bombs they may drop, or want to drop on any and all innocents, and that their their actions will only produce peace and tranquility for all – this is the predominate horseshit from the demons – the bullshit belief that might makes right.

In the end, you or your loved ones will be called upon to make the ultimate sacrifice for their insanity.

So, as Americans are comforted with prurient interests in all that is insidious, ignoring the slithering snake in the room, they might want to cast their attention to the impending disaster looming:

Russia Vows Imminent Response To Diplomat Expulsion – “The US Only Understands Force” – via

Are you, your children, loved ones, relatives and friends willing to die for the demonic antics of the likes of Trump, Pompeo, Bolton, Halley, the military industrial complex, and the deeper state these puppets represent?  Guaranteed it won’t be their children suiting up to do battle.

“I have a very strong feeling that the opposite of love is not hate – it’s apathy. It’s not giving a damn.” ~ Leo Buscaglia

March, protest for your cause. Yet, are we seeing any type of protest or marches about the continued wars, the innocent lives lost, or the death and destruction our “leaders” seem to be leading America towards?

We’re Headed To War With Russia, and No One Seems to Care – via

Give a damn…before it’s too late!


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