It’s All in the Clouds

Like the upcoming Easter “holiday” (or more appropriately, Holy Day, for believers) becomes the all important event for Americans to shell out cash for all that isn’t needed – before chocolate bunnies, Easter baskets full of GMO-laced candies and other assorted cruddy goodies that have nothing to do with much of anything other than making corporations more money – so too America’s future lays in the balance with the upcoming interview of a former adult film star and her alleged bedroom escapades with the current POTUS. Thank God our priorities are top shelf.

And just as one digs for the hidden gems at the bottom of the Easter basket, so too, your caring government hides turds of delight in tax bills, spending bills and other assorted regulatory burdens they heap upon each and every one of us.

U.S. Congress Quietly Passes Controversial CLOUD Act – via

The Clarifying Lawful Overseas Use of Data (CLOUD) Act was quietly passed along with the federal spending bill on Friday, March 23rd, 2018.

The act allows law enforcement agencies to access to online information from any country in the world.

According to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) the law is both sinister and dangerous. They say it “threatens human rights, jeopardizes the Fourth Amendment interests of individuals inside the US, and provides an alarming level of discretion to the executive branch at the expense of congressional authority.”

“US and foreign police will have new mechanisms to seize data across the globe. Because of this failure, your private emails, your online chats, your Facebook, Google, Flickr photos, your Snapchat videos, your private lives online, your moments shared digitally between only those you trust, will be open to foreign law enforcement without a warrant and with few restrictions on using and sharing your information,” the EFF wrote in a blog post.

What?  Isn’t the cow that government “officials”, social media addicts, Elon Musk and most of the entire world is having about Facebook’s latest transgressions all about privacy?  Of course…but breaches in an individual’s privacy isn’t a concern of your criminal government.

And that’s where your common sense needs to be overridden with corporate BS and propaganda…and get ready, here’s a heap full of corporate guano:

Despite opposition from various civil liberties groups and privacy advocates the act received broad bipartisan party support, big tech companies such as Microsoft also welcome the CLOUD act’s passing. “Today is an important day for privacy rights around the world, for international relations, and for building trust in the technology we all rely on every day,” Microsoft President Brad Smith wrote in a statement.

With each dawn of the new day, the sanity of the everyday citizen is breached with hypocrisy, lies, scamming and other atrocities, happily dumped on us by criminals.  Sadly, most Americans are so dumbed down that instead of having a normal reaction of “WTF is this”, and attempting to do something about the latest bucket of horseshit dumped on them – they opt out, and find it more interesting to rage on about all that which is inconsequential.

“Suppose you were an idiot, and suppose you were a member of Congress; but I repeat myself.” ~  Mark Twain


Tonight’s musical offering:

Sometimes, the heavenly voice of a Soprano is all that will provide the necessary balm to soothe the soul, mind and heart of those needing beauty and truth to combat life’s ugliness in the modern era…and the following provides an occasion where one can listen, and transcend the ugliness of it all and find exquisite beauty:

Charles Gounod ~ “Benedictus” ~ Ruzanna Nahapetjan


Photo credit (front page):


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