Critical Thought No Longer Necessary

Like the young boy or girl who is constantly unimpressed with their surroundings due to the pleasantries they’re entertaining in their fertile minds, even to the extent that a house might fall as they walked by and they wouldn’t take too much notice, so too, the American public, for the most part, could give a shyte about much of anything other than what the small computer they hold in their hands 24/7 tells them to think.

william-iven-19844What’s particularly astounding is that even though they have that computer in their hands at all times, even sleeping with the radiation-emitting contraption, they are so disinterested from attaining even the slightest smidgen of knowledge from it outside the propaganda from social media and main stream media slop houses, that one wonders what’s the point of having it. The most boring of life’s mundane moments shared instantly by friends, family, lovers, acquaintances, or creepy and inquisitive morons is about all this it is used for. Here’s my new hair style, my latest furry robe, the ribbon on my new car, the epic meal prepared by someone else I’m about to consume – none of this matters in the least to the recipient, but said recipients are expected to reply with joyous verbosity proclaiming complete incredulity over the humdrum of other’s lives. Educating one’s self about history, reading Tolstoy, Twain, Poe, studying other countries and their cultures, seeking beauty in music, and art and seeking the truth, or especially, heaven forbid, having a real, live, in-person conversation with another human being…what? Are you kidding? Not in America. Not anymore.

If a text were received with alarms and whistles, telling one they had less than 5 minutes to live due to incoming nukes, missiles, or bad karma from previous past lives, most would yawn and either go back to sleep or check in with their social media account to find out who liked their latest post about their newest tattoo, piercing, epic night out on the town, or hoping to find anyone who might be able to commiserate with them about the boring sex they had with the guy/gal/robot/entity/blob they just met.

So, how unsurprising it is that so few take notice from the following splotch of a human being, Mark Zuckerberg, with his latest ‘big brother’ nightmare of an idea.

Mark Zuckerberg Vows to ‘fix’ Facebook – via

Mr Zuckerberg said he intended to focus on “important issues”, which he listed as “protecting our community from abuse and hate, defending against interference by nation states, or making sure that time spent on Facebook is time well spent”.

“We won’t prevent all mistakes or abuse, but we currently make too many errors enforcing our policies and preventing misuse of our tools,” he wrote.

Nice. So, this sad sack of a human being, beginning to take on the look of the next Emperor Palpatine, is going to police Facebook even more to ensure that THEY, Facebook, will decide what you can post, read, view…and in essence, think.

I could write more about the nightmares in store for us from those who want to ensure our “safety” with their “good deeds” – protecting us from thinking for ourselves, doing for ourselves and living for ourselves, but what’s the point anymore.  Most people aren’t listening – most can’t be bothered and honestly, most just don’t care.

These are NOT clouds, nor contrails

Things such as “5G” and how it can destroy our already deteoriating health – a big yawner.  Geo-engineering of the skies and weather manipulation – no such things exists.  Nutjobs running every kind of scam from Russia-gate to instigating wars; to one medical and pharmaceutical scam after another; to a media that lies, manipulates, and propagandizes 24/7/365 and an entertainment industry that offers depressing rot that neither entertains or inspires is about all that is offered to us here in America. And we continue to buy into their horseshit by giving it more than the 2 seconds of attention it deserves and purchasing their garbage, instead of screaming from the rooftops that it’s all a crock of shit and stinketh mightily.

The greatest generation, those Americans born somewhere between 1901 to 1924, were not only the greatest generation because of the sacrifices made during WWII when they became young adults, they were also the greatest generation because they were free to be so.  No TV “programming” – no politically correct nonsense continually shoved down their throats.  Identity politics – unheard of. The wagging fingers along with condescending stares and outright shouting from social justice warrior lunatics – what? They were relatively free to create, to think, to experiment and make errors, to say what may be on their minds without having a pack of raging hyena’s descending on them to cast them into some type of kindergarten time-out area because they were not parroting the current bird shit of enlightened thought. They researched, they studied, they were schooled in the arts – classical music, literature and art.  And if not “schooled” in it, at least they were introduced to it.

In this present day of ugliness, think of what we hand our children – a goddamn cell phone and say, go forth young person and learn but first turn on this radiation-emitting device that will fill your young minds and hearts with so much quackery that by the time you hit puberty, you won’t know who or what you are.

There are reasons why there are no Beethoven’s, Mozart’s, Schubert’s, and so few Joplin’s, Ellyington’s, Brubeck’s, Rembrandt’s, O’Connor’s, Malcolm X’s, Vonnegut’s, Austen’s, Bronte’s , Dostoyevsky’s and all the other real geniuses whose lives were lived to produce art and speak truth – chiefly among them is that the present day’s ugliness wants nothing to do with these kinds.

Unless those of us who recognize guano when we see it and start calling it out for what it is and calling it out loudly, doing what each of us can to stop the current madness and at least attempt in whatever way at our disposal to bring back some form of beauty, love of learning and desire for the truth at all costs, unless the ugliness of what modernity in America has brought to all of us is stopped, we will all be soon be left with such a pit of ugliness, despair and rot that we’ll welcome taking up residence in one of the Circles of Hell.


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