Washington’s Continued Collusion With Idiocy

It makes news if you’re in collusion with any country, particularly Russia, that might upset the apple cart of American hegemony.  It not only makes news, but you might find yourself MAKING the news if the Washington criminals decide it’s YOU who has your hand in the Russian apple pie.

In what critics called a “dangerous precedent” and identified as an obvious move to deflect the still serious concerns about allegations that the Trump campaign colluded with Russian officials to influence the 2016 U.S. presidential election, multiple news outlets reported late Monday that the Senate Intelligence Committee is now investigating the campaign of Green Party candidate Jill Stein. – via mintpress.com

Poor Jill.

In 2015, Stein attended a dinner in Moscow that was hosted by the Russian television news network RT—which was also attended by Trump’s former national security adviser, Michael Flynn, whose interactions with Russian officials have been a focal point of special counsel Robert Mueller’s ongoing investigation.

Oh, the horror!

But any of us may be the next victim in this waste-of-money, ongoing investigation into who talked, sat with, looked at, twitted, texted, or cast a “come hither” look toward any Russian or derivative thereof.

Benny, your local mechanic – he may have used, via imports from the U.S. government, petro supplies, from Russia – to fix, gas up, or lube your vehicle!  You might want to inquire next time you fill up exactly where the petro is coming from – just to avoid the special prosecuter’s invasive and on-going probe.

Steel imports from Russia – hold on to your Kalashnikov’s  – The United States imports steel from over 110 countries and territories. The US imported 1.5 metric million tons of steel from Russia in 2017 YTD – that’s 8% of the total US import.  Obviously, some sort of telephone calls, texts, meetings, etc., were made between US and Russian officials over this.  Who?  Where’s the investigation into who made these calls, what were they about and how did they affect the outcome of the election?

Vodka.  Maybe Mueller and his cohorts of idiots consume a little vodka from time to time.  Careful.  Some of that may be Russian vodka as the US imported $67.6 million in vodka from Russia in 2016.  Have there been investigations into what U.S. officials are  drinking what alcoholic beverages, with whom, from what country or under what bridge?

Now, even deranged nut-cases are succumbing to the Mueller, media, Russia-gate nonsense:

California Man Stabs Mother 42 Times, Blames Russia

The perfect commentary on our moment in time. The message from the political elites that Russia can be scapegoated for anything has trickled down to common whackjobs – via Russia-insider.com

A man who murdered his own mother with a knife claims he was under the influence of ‘Russian mind control’ at the time he committed the atrocity, a case highlighting the negative consequences of the mainstream media ‘blame it on Russia’ witch-hunt to mental health and public safety.

America’s government representatives, along with a main stream media that promotes its propaganda and lies, all to continue to push an agenda of continued and failing American hegemony, are a sick bunch, filled with depraved charlatans, neocon nut-jobs and media whores.  No other way to put it.

America is a country in which despite the hopes flyover America had in Trump, an oligarchy rules. The American people, regardless of who they elect, have no voice, no input, no representation.  –  Dr. Paul Craig Roberts – paulcraigroberts.com

natalia-y-340640-2The vanishing average American would probably be heartened to hear of another country embracing Christian values, a resurgence of faith, an on-going restoration of family values – such as Russia is experiencing – but you won’t hear of any of this from the main stream media in America.  No – their directive is one of discord, disharmony, and disillusionment.



Will even a decent few awaken in America to ward off the the insanity?


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