No More CNN For You!

Eggnog, Christmas cookies, delicious Christmas baked delicacies, maybe even a farm-to-table dinner out to celebrate the good company of friends or relatives in town – screw that!  CNN, the most deplorable news organization ever, has better and even more earth-shattering shyte to report on:

A 12 Diet Cokes-a-day habit like Trump’s is worth changing – via

(CNN) President Donald Trump downs a dozen Diet Cokes each day, The New York Times reported this weekend. His love of the bubbly beverage is shared by many Americans and at least one of his predecessors. President Bill Clinton was frequently photographed with a can in his hand and reportedly placed a Diet Coke — along with a now-outdated cell phone and other items — in a time capsule at his official presidential library.

francesco-gallarotti-134632No frickin’ way!  12 Diet Cokes-a-day is a habit the guy with orange hair should consider changing?  Who would have thought?  CNN, that’s who.

After reporting on the recent attempted terrorist event in NYC, the editorial staff at CNN must have been themselves drinking a few Diet Cokes-a-day that provided such brilliant inspiration to switch to “breaking news” on the Donald’s guzzling habits.  Attempted terrorist attack – forget that – they had some heavy-duty news to report.

Whether we should be concerned is another topic.  But indeed, we should believe CNN because their reporting credibility is unmatched.  Why just yesterday they told us:

David Frum, the Atlantic Senior Editor, went on CNN this morning to argue that Americans should trust the media because they are wrong so often.

Neocon architect, David Frum, a man who spearheaded the Iraq WMD war, a man who has never gotten anything right on geo-politics, but has used mainstream media to push his war hawk agenda, (much to the detriment of America and the world), is now on CNN telling viewers to trust mainstream media because they make so many mistakes and lie so much.

– via

But these are just two highlights of CNN’s incapability to produce much of anything more than grade A guano.

For a detailed report on the embarrassments of CNN – just peruse the following:

CNN Russiagate Debacle Causes Most Media Embarrassment Since Election Day 2016 – Glenn Greenwald/The via russia-insider.

Surely, the ONLY reason CNN is broadcast in airports, barber shops, liquor stores and in the lunch/break rooms in American sweat shops, a/k/a American corporations, is for entertainment purposes…right?

Tonight’s musical offering:

Just because we dig the sarcasm, the wit, the jab, the brilliance of this short little creative entry from, and also because we love almost any type of Russian music, and also, love to laugh – we provide one of our all-time favorites.  CNN couldn’t, in their wildest imaginings of fake news, come up with something this deliciously fun!



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