Abandoning the Corporate/Plastic Xmas

What do you do when you’re one of the wealthiest men on the “planet”, are CEO of one of the biggest corporations in the universe and you have no heart, soul, empathy – or any other decent human or animal trait?

Easy…you force your workers to labor under conditions like this…

Amazon drivers forced to deliver 200 parcels a day with no time for toilet breaks while earning less than minimum wage

EXCLUSIVE: Staff have so little time for food or toilet stops they snatch hurried meals on the run and urinate into plastic bottles they keep in their vans – via themirror.co.uk

Thank God that God saw far into the future and sent his Son so that a world-wide celebration of His birth could be marked with purchasing plastic toys, plastic containers, plastic gadgets, plastic cars, plastic electronic tracking devices, plastic gift cards in order to purchase more plastic – extended debt of your plastic credit cards for years to come for the purchase of everlasting plastic that others obtained via your labors of work through the year – all gloriously highlighted when some poor worker, delivering the glories of holiday plastic, earning less than minimum wage, eating garbage on the run and urinating into a plastic bottle so that the consumers who still practice this voodoo gift exchange can sleep snugly on Christmas Eve, knowing their loved ones have a bounty of plastic joy awaiting their awakening on Christmas morn.

rawpixel-com-445786Of course, simple common sense thinking (which seems to have vanished) tells us to stop with this madness and start following a more appropriate Christmas practice.

Consider the following brilliant and “spot on” article from 2010:

1 Simple Strategy to Save $2,000 this Holiday and Make Everyone Love You Forever – via FarBeyondtheStars.com

The simple fact is that your mind has been manipulated by mega-corporations into the mess that it is now. You’ve been bombarded by advertising since the day you were born telling you that the only way Christmas would be a success was if you spent somewhere around $1,000 on gifts for people.

Gallup estimates the average American will spend $714 on Christmas gifts that no one actually needs this year. If you hadn’t read this post, you probably would have spent way more. There’s no need to thank me yet, keep reading.

What they didn’t tell you about Christmas-gift-giving is that no one actually cares anymore. They don’t want the stuff you’re buying them. In fact, everyone you give gifts to is trying to recycle them, donate them, or stuff them in their attic as soon as possible.

Think about it this way: when was the last time you got something for Christmas that you really wanted?

I’m waiting… still nothing? Exactly.

If you didn’t get anything you wanted, maybe you’re not giving anything that anyone wants either.

…and concluding from the article ~

2. Two inexpensive and under-appreciated gifts.

There are two things that can make Christmas dinner better. 1. Hugs, which are COMPLETELY FREE, and so infrequently given. 2. More wine. If you absolutely must buy something, use your money to get something that everyone can share and consume at Christmas dinner — then no one has to try to figure out what the socially acceptable length of time before they can make another trip to Salvation Army is.

There is a way to stop feeding the corporate beast – just stop feeding it!


Tonight’s musical seasonal offering:

Baroque Christmas Concert (Freiburger Barockorchester) – From the Cathedral in Freiburg

J.S. Bach: Christmas Oratorio, BWV 248, Sinfonia

(if you get an absolutely mind-shattering, annoying YouTube commercial before the piece begins – click off their shyte, take keep breaths and let the ensuing beauty take over)

Photo credit (front page): http://www.unsplash.com/@koushick

Photo credit:  http://www.unsplash.com/@rawpixel


  1. Ah yes–thank you! My bestie used to give me grief because all I wanted were gift cards when it was Christmas time. I’m an impulse shopper and the last thing I’d want to do is be in that crazy sitcom situation of getting the same thing twice. And I’m a impulse book-buyer, which is worse. With a gift card, I can wait til I find that one thing I really want and stretch that money out (I’m pretty good at that) because it’s usually either too expensive or whatever.

    I’m only buying presents for my best friend’s kiddos this year (I’ve been adopted as their crazy aunt since they were born) and they each get one item, and my bestie’s been showing an interest in writing and getting her poetry published, so I gifted her a free subscription to Poets & Writers. All in all, spent maybe $50 this Christmas.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Great idea – subscription to Poets & Writers. Same here – gifts only to kiddos (grandchildren in my case) and only something that they are interested in attaining more knowledge.


  2. Decker,

    Here’s where I let go of another useless subscription. There is something terribly wrong with a CEO who is rich beyond their wildest dreams and treats his employees unfair & unkind. Somehow, I hope he is fired from his duties. No human being should work in those type of conditions.

    Christmas is about spending time with loved ones; not out shopping for the latest & greatest gift for each person in mind. The most memorable gift I received (which does not cost anything) is spending time with my family.


  3. Decker,

    While picking out an item I needed at a store, I overhear two customers talking to each other and one lady says to someone she knows “She doesn’t need anything but she is hard to shop for.” I believe most people feel obligated to buy another person a gift when it is not a requirement. These stores place a sense of need with constant advertising and coupons of extra savings through commercials and email when all of this extra spending is unnecessary.

    May you have a Merry Christmas, Decker!


    Liked by 1 person

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