4 Out of 4 Demons Agree – There Will be No Safe Spaces in Hades

Recent surveys from Beelzebub’s assistants say that present day candidates for the bottomless pit are as long as the work week is tedious. Future spots in Hell are filling fast!

2969559163_00f2a6f6d4_mAs life on “planet” Earth winds down, regular folks, simply trying to etch out a living, keeping roof over head and food on the table are bombarded with delights from the depraved in so many varied forms that most are wondering where in the hell is that time machine to take them away to another simpler time, or can they hop on board that nifty Jetson’s transport apparatus for intergalactic time travel for a permanent sojourn away from the present day madness.




Consider the latest absolute horseshit from US Ambassador to the United Nations, and also America’s favorite pop tart, Nikki Haley speaking of the recent spat of sanctions imposed on North Korea:

“We cut 90% of trade & 30% of oil. I have no problem kicking it to Gen. Mattis because I think he has plenty of options.”

Folks…no matter one’s political “bent”, this is one nut job supreme. Evidently, the one brain cell in this moron’s head is unable to understand just what war with (insert country here) will bring. Probably not to her backyard, but the lives of millions of “other” people this lunatic has no problem with exterminating, sets her up for one of the lowest of positions in the nether world.

Today, as Deir Ezzor has finally been liberated by the Syrian government from the scourge of ISIS, Nikki Haley chose to go on record defending ISIS and al-Qaeda by repeating Obama’s line that Assad must go. –

Ponder this for a minute: Assad has just defeated ISIS in Deir Ezzor. ISIS is the reason the US has invaded Syrian sovereignty and initiated military action. Yet according to Nikki Haley Assad’s reward for wiping out ISIS is that he must be deposed – presumably in favor of US-backed rebels who have been in bed with ISIS for six years!

Is Nikki Haley pro-ISIS? Is she pro-al-Qaeda? Is she evil or just stupid?

You decide.

But if she is not removed from office soon, she will be leading perhaps a million people to their graves.

via antiwar.com

Continuing on with further insanity –

In a recent post on this claptrap of a website, we talked about how our water is, in a word, toxic.  Consider the following from Dr. Mercola at Mercola.com

  • Globally, 83 percent of tap water samples tested were found to contain tiny microplastic particles
  • In the U.S., 94 percent of tap water samples were found to contain plastic — the most out of all the locations tested
  • Large quantities of microplastics are likely being transferred to agricultural land via sewage sludge

Carried along with the ocean’s currents, swirling gyres of “plastic smog”5 now cover about 40 percent of the world’s ocean surfaces.6 They’re being eaten by fish and other marine life — that is well-known. But only recently did researchers take the logical next step to determine that it’s not only marine life ingesting plastic — you probably are too.

94 Percent of US Tap Water Contains Plastic Fibers

Research commissioned by media outlet Orb revealed alarming data about plastic pollution in tap water, with 83 percent of samples tested worldwide coming back as contaminated. In the U.S., 94 percent of tap water samples were found to contain plastic — the most out of all the locations tested. According to Orb:7

“Fibers in tap water … are both a discovery and a marker — a visceral sign of how far plastic has penetrated human life and human anatomy. We can’t see the long-chain molecules of pollutants like polyfluoroalkyl chemicals, even if they do reside in more than 98 percent of the population. But when fibers are filtered in a laboratory and enlarged by a microscope, the contamination becomes real.

The first studies into the health effects of microscopic plastics on humans are only just now beginning; there’s no telling if or when governments might establish a ‘safe’ threshold for plastic in water and food. Even farther away are studies of human exposure to nanoscale plastic particles, plastic measured in the millionths of a millimeter.”

Dr. Mercola goes on to list ways to combat this plastic invasion into our bodies – some common sense things to do are listed.  In the recent article posted on this website, water filtration systems to consider are listed as well.

There’s other unworldly treats:  the Kaiser Family Foundation reports that in 2016, 4,065,479,343 drug prescriptions were written by US doctors—an increase of 65 million

And another gem:  Researchers Connect a Human Mind to the Internet for the First Time Ever.  God, please spare us!

Please remember, there are ways to empower ourselves (for now) to overcome, or at least curb, the insanity these lunatics have in store for us. Consider what you can do, research for the sake of your physical and mental health, and that of your loved ones.

Naturalnews.com is a good place to start.  Tons of articles to self-educate, along with hundreds of links to self-educate further. Shop local. Use cash instead of credit card. After all…YOU are worth the effort, and all we can do now is to resist the current insanity how we each see fit.


“Solace” – Scott Joplin – (Fingerstyle Guitar)

Photo credit:  www.flickr.com/photos/andertoons-cartoons



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