The Rat Infestation of Washington D.C. is Never-Ending

Another speech, a few more countries added to Washington’s list to destroy.  Ah, such is the life of the POTUS.

Just a few warmongering gems from Mr. Trump’s UN address:

256px-B1-B_Lancer_and_cluster_bombs“The United States has great strength and patience, but if it is forced to defend itself or its allies, we will have no choice but to totally destroy North Korea. Rocket Man is on a suicide mission for himself and for his regime.”

He went on with his nuttiness, calling Iran a “rogue nation” and said the U.N.-backed deal is “an embarrassment” to the United States. “I don’t think you’ve heard the last of it, believe me,” Trump said. “It is time for the entire world to join us in demanding that Iran’s government end its pursuit of death and destruction,” Trump said.

And not content with North Korea and Iran on Washington’s hit list, the former reality TV show host added threats against Venezuela, just to make it a trio of countries Washington has it’s sights, guns, artillery, warships, drones and bombs on – ready for delivery – (  

What has North Korea, Iran and Venezuela done to the United States…not a damn thing.

Mr. Trump went on and on about respecting the sovereignty of other nations. This is choice, Grade A guano.  As Dr. Paul Craig Roberts perfectly states:

What about Yugoslavia/Serbia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Egypt, Syria, Yemen, Pakistan, Crimea, Ukraine, Venezuela, Honduras, Ecuador, Bolivia, Brazil, Argentina, just to mention countries in the 21st century that have been subjected to US military attacks, government overthrows, and removals of political leaders who did not conform to US interests?

Armageddon approaches quickly, as the rats running Washington make their plans for sending others to die, wargaming for war with Russia and China :

“I concur with Gen. Milley. If we get into one of those conflicts, we’ll win, but it going to take a lot longer than we’d like and it’s going to cost a lot more in terms of dollars and in casualties.” – Admiral John Richardson, Sept 15, 2017 Testimony, US Congress – via

477px-SC180534t2Washington’s insatiable appetite for spilling the blood of others sons and daughters has no end. But if you’re one of the poor, downtrodden Americans, with little hope of escaping Washington’s game show of “You’re Turn to Die”, giving it up for one’s country can take on varied forms outside its destruction of other sovereign nations.

The number of “tent cities” in the United States grows, with 500,000 homeless as of the end of 2016.  Are there speeches, plans and actions in aid for these poor folks that is even close to the $600 Billion budgeted for the military in 2017? Of course not. Is the media having a cow about Trump’s warmongering – hardly a whimper – but if you deface or destroy a civil war monument, you’ll have the media crowning you king/queen for the next fifteen minutes of broadcast coverage.

It has become so insane here in the States that we have one of our favorite Hollywood actors here at the Asylum, Mr. Morgan Freeman, pitching horseshit about how we are at war with Russia right now, with not a drop of truth in it.  And not to be overshadowed in horseshittery, we have the candidate who won’t go away, Hillary Clinton, telling it like it is…in the mind of a deranged nut case, talking to another nut case in the form of Stephan Colbert:

“Putin really doesn’t like democracy, he thinks its inconvenient messy policy. … He wants to undermine how we see each other, how we respect each other. I believe they had a good outing in 2016, and will in 2018 and 2020 unless we stop them.”

“And I am saying as clearly as I can — I feel like I’m a bit of a, you know, ‘Paula Revere,’” Hillary exclaimed. “I’m trying to sound the alarm about this.”

Jesus, Mary and Joseph!

Americans en masse may not be nuts, but its government representatives surely are. Sadly, where they can take us and a good portion of the rest of the world is unimaginable.

As HL Mencken wrote in 1936:

“War survives simply because so many people enjoy it.”

“The truth is that what the human race finds it hard to endure is peace. It can stand the dull monotony for ten years, twenty, even thirty years, but then it begins to fume and lather, and presently we are in the midst of another major war and enjoying it’s incomparable exhilarations.

The whole body of the people, high and low alike, are all the same when bands begin to play and the tramp, tramp, tramp of marching men converts every heart into a cocktail shaker. It is the supreme circus of circuses, combines all the excitement of a bullfight, a revival, a train wreck, a lynching, the dizziest, gaudiest, grandest, damnedest, sort of bust that the human mind can imagine…”

Life among the rats from Hell is one giant bummer.

BARBER ~ Adagio for Strings ~ Detroit Symphony Orchestra

Photo credit (front page):

Photo credit:  By U.S. Air Force [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Photo credit: New Georgia. Casualties lying on stretchers aboard a lighter. Munda Point, New Georgia, SW Pacific. (12 Jul 43) Signal Corps Photo: 161-43-2100 (Wendlinger) – Public Domain





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