Great Water!

The regular daily insanity at the Asylum was curtailed for a spell yesterday as kitchen pipes that had rusted through, enabled water to get to places previously banned, creating a pleasant squishing sensation under a couple of kitchen tiles close to the kitchen sink. Such sublime pleasures to deal with.

The plumbers were summoned and with their welcomed entry, they set about to replace pipe, deal with possible mold issues, etc., etc., etc.  I thought the minimum I could do for them, aside from emptying a good portion of our banking account, was provide something to drink.  Asking what they might want to drink they both said water would be good.  So, with a couple of extra bottles of bottled water on hand, I handed them each their own.  They went back to work and I went back to keeping Henry pacified in the bedroom.  He was anxious to help!

A while later, I was summoned to take a look at the remains of the pipe.  It was so brittle and worn that it broke into pieces when I touched it.  Lovely.  Back to work they went but not before passing along a compliment I’ve never received before.

“This is the best tasting water we’ve ever had, thank you,” one of them said while the other nodded in agreement. That it is, I said.

james-donovan-191156But it’s just water, right?  Why would the bottled water taste so good?  After all, we pay for our water to be treated that is provided by the city.  Tap water is just fine, right? Interesting you should ask.


  1. Most U.S. tap water contains sodium fluoride that causes cancer, brittle bones and lowered IQ (not strong teeth that fight cavities, like dentists claim).
  2. You’re drinking a little bit of chlorine in every sip.
  3. Heavy metal toxins like lead, mercury and aluminum are often present — in fact, just last year, the EPA knew about the tap water in Flint, Michigan, being highly contaminated with lead, but still hid that fact from the public for months, all while children were being poisoned.
  4. You’re ingesting other people’s medications: “There’s no doubt about it, pharmaceuticals are being detected in the environment and there is genuine concern that these compounds, in the small concentrations that they’re at, could be causing impacts to human health or to aquatic organisms.” – Mary Buzby, Director of Environmental Technology for Merck.
  5. Artificial sweeteners, like sucralose, are not getting filtered out at the water plants.
  6. You could be drinking tiny pieces of toilet paper.
  7. You’re drinking a little dose of deadly insecticides and herbicides that adds up over time.
  8. There are virtually no minerals left in tap water — it’s been stripped of all nutritive qualities by the chemicals used to treat it.
  9. PFASs (Poly- and Perfluoroalkyl Substances) from industrial sites, military fire training areas, and wastewater treatment plants still contaminate tap water and are linked to developmental, immune, metabolic and endocrine health problems.
  10. It actually dehydrates the body instead of hydrating it. (The chemicals in tap water drain vitamins and minerals from the human body over the long term.

We here at the Asylum filter our water using the Big Berkey gravity filtration system.  If interested, more information can be found here.  It’s simple to use and most importantly…works!  The bottled water that you may be wondering about is Penta water. As noted on their website:

Penta water contains less than 1 ppm TDS (total dissolved solids). Making it at least 100x more pure than leading brands.Penta is free from Arsenic, Chlorine, Lead, Fluoride, BPA, BPS, Pesticides, MTBE, and Trace Pharmaceuticals.

You can find Penta water at most grocery stores, well, at least at Whole Foods, or perhaps you have a local/natural grocer in your area – you should be able to find it there.

Our filtered water tastes like…water.  Clean, no chemical taste to it…it is wonderful.  The Penta water is the same.  Clean, pure water.

There are certainly other water filtration systems out there, along with a slew of companies providing bottled water.  Research to your own satisfaction and go from there. No particular endorsement for any product here – we’re just sharing what has worked for us.

“Human nature is like water. It takes the shape of its container.” Wallace Stevens

Handel Watermusic Suite No.3, Academy of St. Martin in the Fields


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