Saturday Afternoon Vibes

IMG_1475There’s already a traffic issue heading up to Wyoming to get in line with the other 600 thousand or so for the eclipse, so we heard on the radio.  Henry’s attitude toward folks’ determination to find daytime darkness, along with me asking him to get up so that I might sit for a spell is perfectly captured in the photo.

He told me to put on a Coltrane/Getz CD, pour myself a vodka over kombucha and leave him alone. Henry runs the Asylum…I complied!

Happy Saturday.




John Coltrane & Stan Getz – Autumn Leaves/What’s New/Moonlight in Vermont (LIVE, 1960)


    1. As he runs the Asylum, he’d like to think he is! He’s the happiest animal, dog or otherwise, that I’ve ever been blessed with. They’re all a blessing, as you well know, but Henry…what a character!

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      1. It’s good to establish who the leader really is! Even now, Bo with his super sonic hearing caught the sounds of me sitting. And here he is nose up under my elbow. I keep having to start over. 😂. He has made me rather one handed. As long as I keep on rubbing his ears, he’s a happy camper. They each have their own wonderful way, don’t they. And then along comes one that takes hold of your heart in a special way. And yes, what a blessing! Henry sounds just like that. 😊. It’s a good thing he’s running the Asylum!

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      2. Such a wonderful comment! Thank you. Bo and his “super sonic” hearing…under your elbow requiring you to start again…so funny…and endearing! 🙂 Dogs simply are THE BEST! Truly, a blessing. And you’re soooo right…it’s a good thing he’s running the show here…’cause I’m pretty much lost most of the time!

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    1. You know, it’s funny with the music. I’m a bit older, or probably more to the point was raised on classical music – so it’s my preference. And maybe it’s just my “take” on things…but whenever I put on classical music composed by a Russian composer…Tchaikovsky, Borodin, Rimsky-Korsakov, etc., he goes nutty. Dancing around the place, jumping up into my lap (at 65 pounds) – you know, creating general havoc! Now, when I play a bit of jazz…he becomes laid back and easy going – at least for him. So, yes…he does let me choose the music, with his “jedi-mind” trick influence! How about yours? Do they run the home? Do they have their favorite walks? any particular kind of music – or do they prefer quiet?

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  1. Very nice! General havoc under Russian composers, that’s great! My dogs absolutely run the home! But they graciously let me choose the music, most days classical. All kinds! I love music so they do too. 😅 Jack is my “dancer”! He gets his own form of general havoc when I put on something to dance to. They especially love a trip that crosses the creek and on to the lake. So many wonderful ways to get into trouble!

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