The Corporate and Government Hijinks Continues

Well, “the Great American Eclipse” as the mainstream media dubbed it (like they created the celestial event) has come and gone. Hundreds of thousands of Americans have now had to pack up their carbon emitting vehicles and join other kindred spirits on the highways of four-wheelin’, pot-hole-avoiding fun…back to their ordinary lives. What a drag! And the media, taking a day off from amping up “racist America”, can now go back to business as usual, finding any way they can to make nearly anyone paying a lick of attention to their insanity feel as if they woke up and the history of everything wrong from the beginning of time (or when everything came about from nothing, as they would like us to believe) should be laid squarely at their feet. Forget that the media is filled with the most privileged, intellectually vapid yet arrogant folks you’ll ever come across…it is YOU who is at fault for their mostly manufactured catastrophes of the day.

And as corporate America took a break from productivity to sit and chat outside their corporate confines and dwell in daytime darkness, corporations continued to fleece the world – the latest being that Amazon sold Eclipse sunglasses that were counterfeit, bogus, BS, guano:

As CBS News 2 reports:

Millions of people have purchased special glasses to safely watch the solar eclipse that’s coming up August 21, but over the weekend Amazon notified some customers that the glasses they bought may not be safe. Hucksters out there who are making counterfeits claiming they are real, but aren’t.

Hmmm, “notified some customers”.  Guess not everyone who bought the bogus sunglasses were lucky enough to be advised they’d been scammed, along with an annoying little health issue to worry about:

As reported by

Directly viewing the sun without proper protection is extremely dangerous and can cause permanent eyesight damage in seconds. As Karl Denninger explains on

There will be thousands of people who will either damage or entirely lose their eyesight tomorrow and there is exactly zero that a doc in the ER or anywhere else will be able to do for you if you wind up screwing yourself by being ignorant, stupid or both.

But selling millions of counterfeit products isn’t something that Amazon isn’t unfamiliar with.  It’s good to be the king!  You can sell all sorts of contaminated shyte to the public and it’s okay – or…you are allowed to get away with it.

Bullshit amplimeterBut Amazon is just one of many hobgoblins of bullshittery. Monsanto, possibly the most evil company in the world, is attempting the takedown of an agency linking its weedkiller to cancer.  The puffed-rice piece from mysteriously doesn’t mention that Monsanto has spent hundreds of millions of dollars trying to obfuscate the facts.  Screw the facts – Monsanto has business to do.  And if a few billion eat their concoction of chemicals over the years with their infestation of chemical droppings on the world’s food supply – that’s just the way they do business and show they care for people of the world.

And then we have the the upcoming 5G deployment that most Americans aren’t aware of (why would they be – they have epic Eclipse pictures to post on social media).

Cast a glance at this chart:



Not a problem with our body and brains being bombarded with 580 microwatts  – we’re in America, right?  We want the most and the best of everything.


If humans actually could see microwave radio frequencies being emitted by cell phones, cell and mast towers, Wi-Fi, DECT phones, some baby monitors, AMI Smart Meters, ZigBee radio transmitters, routers, wireless networks (LAN, HAN, etc.), security systems, CFL light bulbs, and every device which receives and sends data, photos and voice, I don’t think consumers would be as enthralled and as quick to become addicted to them.

For an excellent, in-depth article on the horror show awaiting us with the deployment of 5G, check out the article:  5G Is An International Health Crisis In The Making.

But it’s not just an article written by a journalist that should alert us to the what awaits us with 5G deployment, check out this “chat” from the monster, Tom Wheeler, FCC Chairman, on 5G.

And compliments of NASA – don’t think they let a celestial event such as the “Great American Eclipse” go by without adding in their bit of magic to the event:

NASA is sending bacteria into the sky during the total solar eclipse  (and here).  But not to worry, it’s for science, after all.

Of course, you’re not going to hear any of this from the main stream media. After all, they have more unrest and hatred to heap upon among the masses.

As we say many times…the modern era is a bummer!

To buffer the modern day madness….


Maurice Ravel ~ La Valse ~ Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France













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