Idiot Selfie-Seekers End Baby Dolphins Life

Last Friday, beachgoers and tourists in Mojácar, Spain, reportedly took turns touching a baby dolphin who was stranded on the shore, poking it and taking turns taking pictures of it and with it, according to Equinac, a nongovernmental organization that focuses on stranded turtle and cetacean life in the province of Almeria. As selfie-seekers crowded around the infant mammal, one concerned citizen called emergency services, but by the time Equinac rescuers arrived just 15 minutes later, the dolphin had already died. – by Carey Wedler via

There isn’t much further to add except to highlight and emphasize the condemnation from Equinac, which criticized the incident in a series of Facebook posts.

Various English-language news outlets translated some of their statements.

Once again we find that the human beings are the most irrational species that exists,” they reportedly wrote, according to the translation.

Cetaceans are animals very susceptible to stress and… crowding them to take pictures and touch them causes them a very strong shock that greatly accelerates a cardiorespiratory failure, which is what finally happened.”  via

The full article can be read here.


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  1. reminds me of what happened in Argentina either last year or early this year–a beached dolphin and people actually picked it up and passed it around to take selfies with it, their hands absorbing the oil that lets the animal protect itself and when it died, they just left it on the beach and walked away. Ooh! People, don’t mess with wild animals, dammit!

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