It’s Mostly Guano or The Problem With Making the Proper Tuna Rarebit

With the accelerated nose-dive into the dustbin of idiocy that most of the collective seems determined to take, we managed to tear ourselves away from the guano sandwich news offerings, interspersed with pharmaceutical commercials trying to cheerfully deflect the list of side effects with a gleeful yet calming voice-over and was rewarded by finding a “fascinating” tidbit via the “world wide waste” on the proper way to make a sandwich, circa 1950.

Yes, taking a trip through the time machine via the world wide waste can be quite adventurous given YouTube and Google’s censorship of about anything that doesn’t fit in their narrow-width boot-kickers – who knows what really happened for sure at any point in the past given their censorship of everything. Their censorship all fits in nicely with the current insanity here in the West as history is currently in the process of being altered or just conveniently erased.

With the end of the West on the horizon and the media cheerleading on its demise with their incessant pushing of disharmony among anyone and everyone, who will be the last one to leave the building and turn out the lights is up for debate. Stupidity is in hyper-drive here in the States.


We read the VP Pence is on his way back from Panama, cutting a trip short.  For what, we’re not sure but it’s a decent bet that it will involve a review, in detail, of the real JFK assassination tape, and then if there aren’t any questions, explicit instructions of what needs to be accomplished next. Take your pick – war with Russian, Iran, North Korea – the total bastardization of the world needs to be completed for the demented f**k’s running the show. The loose cannon and unpredictable TV reality show host who now has the full time job of running the government asylum just can’t be tolerated anymore. Of course, they’ll keep on fluoridating the water, adding a cocktail of chemicals to the food supply, spewing their absolute horseshit day in and day out, pitting race against, race, sex against sex, religion against religion – you know, their daily vial of insanity.  But most in the West won’t be able to look up from their mobile tracking and programming devices to give a shyte.

For those of you “awake” (or get this poor attempt at humor) or just no longer want to give a f**k, we provide, as a public service, an “honest meditation” that might assist with dealing with the on-going madness.

F*ck That: An Honest Meditation


Or, if you prefer something a little more placid, you can teach yourself how to make the proper tuna rarebit!

Let’s Make a Sandwich!


And if you’re the last one out of the building, please make sure you turn off the lights!


Photo credit (front page): By Nirwrath (Made in Inkscape [GFDL ( or CC BY-SA 3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons


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