Manufacturing Opinion

“We found that thousands of people were suffering from acute Moscowitis—a state which permits the belief of any absurdity and the shoving away of any facts. Eventually, of course, we found that the Russians are suffering from Washingtonitis, the same disease. We discovered that just as we are growing horns and tails on the Russians, so the Russians are growing horns and tails on us.” ~ John Steinbeck, A Russian Journal

Many who have not lived through a war in their own backyard or participated in one in someone else’s backyard, which is most of us under the age of 70, haven’t experienced the “joys” of living the horror of war. Many on the left and the right, the warmongers, those who, for idiotic notions pushed by the media, Hollywood morons, and other of the unknowing, are hellbent, it seems, to get it on with Russia.

Either they simply have never been properly taught, never studied history, have no inkling that life on the planet didn’t begin the moment they were born, or are simply too ignorant, along with a having a healthy dose of intellectual laziness, to take a look at just what war brings.

The current day examples of the horror of war…Aleppo, Mosul, Iraq, Libya – apparently hasn’t been sexy enough for Western media to provide any in-depth coverage, as for them most part, it has been ignored.  A few filtered views of what’s happening to people living there will make the news every so often.  It’s a 30 second report, with footage showing a bomb blast here, a bomb last there and then it’s off to commercials glorifying chemical poisons for our health with enough side affects to curdle the mind to mush.

It seems most Americans just can’t seem to be bothered by the loss of life thousands of miles away. Their cell phones are working, their computers are buzzing, the TV is glowing with propaganda…what more can one hope for? Add in genetically modified food, the skies ablaze with chemical engineering, mind-numbing entertainment and the memorization of wins/loses, schedules, drafts, players, coaches, mascots and stadium food of one’s favorite sports team and you have enough to keep the public asleep and apathetic for a long, long time.

But consider the Siege of Leningrad to demonstrate the horrors of war. Having signed a non-agreesion pact with Germany in 1939, the USSR woke up at the end of 1941 to find that Germany had seized most of its Western territories, with Leningrad being completely surrounded.

siege of leningrad
Three men burying victims of Leningrad’s siege.  The Volkovo Cemetery

900 days of war, terror, suffering and death.  A civilian population of nearly 3 million endured no heating, no electricity, no water supply and very little food. Bodies of frozen men, women and children littered the streets. Most estimates are that over 1 million lost their lives.

And, of course, the Siege of Leningrad is just one example of one form of horror that a country can face as a result of wars.

We here in the States are blessed with media morons, Hollywood A-list assholes, congressmen and senators beating the war drums, gleefully pushing a narrative that for some, would have the US pushing nuclear buttons with lustful abandon. Very doubtful that we’d see any of these purveyors of death on the front lines of any war they want.  And we certainly wouldn’t see tear-jerking clips of any of the likes of Colbert, Baldwin, McCain, Madonna, or any politicians sending off their sons, daughters or grandchildren, exchanging tearful goodbyes as their loved ones go off to fight the Russian bear. Not a chance. They’ll be nice and snug in their palatial palaces while the average American will be sacrificing more blood for these demons’ dreams of death and annihilation.  Yet most of the American public remains asleep – thinking all is just grand with the world, unless you mention the president’s name or if their smart phone quits working for a few seconds.

Those who can read TV teleprompters and raise one eyebrow after delivering an unbelievably stupid joke would have you believe that their side alone holds the keys to nirvana.  Except their side dropped  26,171 bombs in 2016 alone.  Quite a feat!  But it’s groovy…if 1) you don’t live in any of the countries that experienced US love bombs dropped from the sky, or 2) if it was your idealogical side of the aisle that dropped those bombs.

For those who use to love Russia but now hate it because of some strange bastardization of logic, when just 5 years ago it was swimmingly okay that Cash Flowed to Clinton Foundation Amid Russian Uranium Deal might want to consider that talking to the Russians or the Iranians or the North Koreans, or any of the other countries on the US hit list is a better idea than dropping another 26,000+ bombs this year.  Of course, that might be a problem for the current administration with their version of that never-ending war on terror as they themselves are off to a grand start of creating death and destruction with the latest US airstrike killing 200 civilians in Mosul

From Glenn Greenwald of the Intercept:

FROM THE START of his presidency, Donald Trump’s “war on terror” has entailed the seemingly indiscriminate slaughter of innocent people in the name of killing terrorists. In other words, Trump has escalated the 16-year-old core premise of America’s foreign policy — that it has the right to bomb any country in the world where people it regards as terrorists are found — and in doing so, has fulfilled the warped campaign pledges he repeatedly expressed.

The most recent atrocity was the killing of as many as 200 Iraqi civilians from U.S. airstrikes this week in Mosul. That was preceded a few days earlier by the killing of dozens of Syrian civilians in Raqqa province when the U.S. targeted a school where people had taken refuge, which itself was preceded a week earlier by the U.S. destruction of a mosque near Aleppo that also killed dozens. And one of Trump’s first military actions was what can only be described as a massacre carried out by Navy SEALs, in which 30 Yemenis were killed; among the children killed was an 8-year-old American girl (whose 16-year-old American brother was killed by a drone under Obama).

And then you add in another intellectually vacant politician and his choice meanderings…why it’s a smorgasbord of death and destruction that is on the plate for those unfortunate enough to be in their demonic crosshairs of continual upheaval, destruction and death (except for them, of course)

The world “cries out for American and European leadership” through the EU and Nato, US senator John McCain said on Friday (24 March). In a “new world order under enormous strain” and in “the titanic struggle with forces of radicalism … we can’t stand by and lament, we’ve got to be involved,” said McCain, a former Republican presidential candidate who is now chairman of the armed services committee in the US Senate.

The “forces of radicalism” in Mr. McCain’s book apparently means those who might strive for any kind of peace, implement any type of cooperation between nations, end nation building and regime changes and stop the genocide occurring each and every day from laying to waste any country that doesn’t cow-tow to these bullies, malcontents and misanthropes idea of a new world order.

Or…people can keep believing it was the Russians, the Russians, the Russians who tipped the elections scales….and, if there were any doubts, well, the following video proves it!

BREAKING: Major KGB Announcement From Putin About Donald Trump, New US President!

(Editors note: the clip is brilliant satire from the folks at )

Photo credit (front page):

Photo credit:  RIA Novosti archive, image #216 / Boris Kudoyarov / CC-BY-SA 3.0 [CC BY-SA 3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons


  1. Excellent breakdown of the dichotomy of what’s really happening on the ground as opposed to the fake reality that is presented to us. Many will gladly swallow the nicer version.


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