The Sorcerer Speaks

Proof that demons roam the earth in human form, we have this from of the latest demon surfacing:

Russian “hack” of US elections an ‘Act of war’ – Dick Cheney

Russia’s “hack” of the 2016 US elections could be “considered an act of war,” says former Vice President and noted warhawk Dick Cheney, speaking at an event in New Delhi, India. He joins the chorus of US notables resorting to the groundless accusation.

“In some quarters, that would be considered an act of war. I think it’s a kind of conduct and activity we will see going forward,” said Cheney, the neocon’s neocon. “There’s no question” that the Russian government tried to “interfere” with the US elections, Cheney added.

Since this grand master of deceit seems to know so much, we thought we should go back in time to those dreaded Bush/Cheney years and check in where his excellency of lowliness claimed “certainties”.


This graveyard spook said there was irrefutable evidence that Saddam had started up his nuclear program.  Evidently not.

He flippantly defended doing business with terrorists in Tehran, through an overseas-based subsidiary, saying, “We seem to be sanction-happy as a government,” The problem is that the good Lord didn’t see fit to always put oil and gas resources where there are democratic governments.”

And then there’s these gems, from an article by William Rivers Pitt in

There is so much to remember about Dick Cheney’s time in office. There was the Office of Special Plans, which he created to formulate the most effective lies possible about Iraq, WMD, and connections to September 11. There was the torture in Abu Ghraib and elsewhere, which he referred to as “the dark side” and which he championed with great vigor. There was his dismissal of lawfully-issued congressional subpoenas, and his dedication to the idea of a “Unitary Executive” which is beholden to nothing and no one. There was his broad plan to spy on millions of Americans without a warrant, which he wanted to continue even after the whole thing was declared to be illegal. There was (and remains) the program of indefinite detention without due process of law, which was his baby, and there was the coddling of known criminal and double-agent Ahmed Chalabi, who was his pal.

So, we have yet another sorcerer queued up and ready for battle with the Russian bear.  Doubtful all his heart problems will let him lead the battle charge. But heart problems didn’t keep him from war campaigns during his political rompings; campaigns that stopped thousands of others hearts from beating.

The only “good” thing we can say about this monster is that when we think of him as a “sorcerer”, this brings to mind the brilliant piece, “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”, by Paul Dukas. And listening to this gem will at least turn our thoughts away from this heinous lout and on to more pleasant visions…like Mickey Mouse!

Paul Dukas ~ “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”

Moscow City Symphony – Russian Philharmonic


Photo Credits (Dick Cheney):  by Donkey Hotey.


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