Musique Celebration – Jean-Phillippe Rameau

clarinet-1708715_640Jean-Philippe Rameau, French composer (1683 to 1764), was an important music theorist and composer during the Baroque era.  We here at the Asylum chose this composer and, in particular, this piece of music as the first to celebrate for the simple reason that we love Baroque music, with Mr. Rameau being one of its’ champions and this one our favorites, among many.

Baroque music, for some of us here at the Asylum, produces ordered thoughts, combatting the constant onslaught of the modern discord that one faces every day, aspiring the mind and soul toward the supernatural, and always, it seems, in a delightful and charming sense. This writer finds that upon listening to almost any piece of Baroque music, frustrations from the day ease, calm quiets the soul, and enchantment of the mind follows.

This particular piece by Rameau, Rondeau des Indes Galantes, is a lively, spirited and provocative romp that conjures up images of good angels waging interstellar battles with fallen angels – at least that is what a friend from long ago described what this piece made him think of – an angelic battle, with God’s vociferation of a job well done to the victorious angels.  Takes all kinds of imagination for the cerebral merry-go-round to spin.

Angelic wars aside, this writer finds Baroque charm, along with an unexpected vivacity, splendidly performed by the Musiciens du Louvres, under the direction of Mr. Marc Minkowski, to be a celebration of a bustling stimulation to the exceptional.

Whatever emotions this piece brings to you, turn up the volume and enjoy!

Rondeau des Indes Galantes de Rameau interprété par Magali Léger et Laurent Naouri, les Musiciens du Louvres sous la direction de Marc Minkowski en version de concert.


  1. Hello Decker, please pass on my warmest regards to Henry, Editor-in-Chief. I just finished your About page and must say it is with a sigh of relief to read a non-PCer! I have a wide range of musical interests, despite not having an ounce of talent myself. Pleasure to meet you!


    1. HAHA! I will indeed pass along your regards to Henry! He is a delightful , yet slightly devious one year old Lab who rules about everything here. thank you for stopping by the website and it’s also a pleasure to come across another non-PCer! Was happy to come across your most excellent site and look forward to following it. Thanks again for stopping by. Best to you

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