Just a little more pain…it’ll save the planet! More bullshit from the deranged

As clown Joey kills off a few million brain cells of anyone within earshot of this carbon buttprints’ State of the Union speech, and the unwashed everywhere seem to know about balloons in the sky, experts agree that continuing to listen to anything from government or mainstream media psychofucks could lead to a pre-mature trip to the worm food farm or a screaming case of piles… or both.

No matter!  The deeply apathetically indifferent keep listening to the mentally deranged:

Would YOU accept less anesthetic during surgery to save the planet?  Doctors say it could reduce world’s carbon footprint… by up to 0.1% – via dailymail.co.uk

  •  Doctors at Henry Ford Health System are cutting back the use of anesthesia
  •  They say the gasses used in anesthesia are harmful for the environment

    Researchers are asking doctors to use less anesthesia on their surgery patients in the name of climate change.

    Doctors from the Henry Ford Health in Detroit, Michigan, said it could significantly reduce the carbon footprint of hospitals in the US.


At this point, the gullible’s will believe any sick fantasy these shysters spew forth.  The more fantastically insane, the better.

Meanwhile, the real shyte either gets buried, or is never heard about at all:

Dr. Naomi Wolf Details ‘The Chamber of Horrors’ the Jab Poses to Women’s Reproductive Health (20 minutes)

And what happens when you clutch pearls and listen to an arsehole of a gerbil?

Not a thing….for the gerbil that is…

‘Scientific and Public Health Failure’: Fauci Admits Covid Shots Didn’t Have a Chance of Controlling the Pandemic – via dailycaller.com

Dr. Anthony Fauci admitted in a recently published research paper that COVID-19 vaccines could not have been reasonably expected to get the pandemic under control.

Fauci and other top government and healthcare officials repeatedly stressed during the pandemic that getting vaccinated would stop the spread of COVID-19 and was the most important step individuals could take to end the pandemic. However, in the paper published Jan. 11 in Cell Press, Fauci and two co-authors write that respiratory viruses like SARS-CoV-2 and the flu have never been well-contained by vaccines. (read more)

Too bad there aren’t more pissed-off princesses.

5 Movie Night "Must-Sees" starring Grace Kelly


Tonight’s musical offering:

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