It Won’t Change Any of This…

The house of pain continues to provide lovely opportunities for many, if not all, to suffer at the hands of psychofucks.

The shysters never stop.  Their tray of leftover, rancid brunch discardings continue to mount with each passing day of misery these assclowns serve up.

Of course you wouldn’t know it, after all, there is an election on Tuesday in the States, don’t you know, and that’ll change everything, right?

Except shyte like this:

New Study & Pfizer Documents Prove Covid Vaccine Shedding Has Been Occurring With Shocking Consequences – via

Yes, in news you don’t want to know about and hope to ignore if you do hear about it, the election provides most with yet another opportunity to ignore what has been done to them, for now:

A new study conducted by scientists at the University of Colorado confirms the vast majority of humanity has had absolutely no choice in the matter of whether they wish to get the Covid-19 injection or not because the vaccinated have been transmitting antibodies generated by the injections through aerosols.

The findings should however come as no surprise because a confidential Pfizer document had already confirmed exposure to the mRNA injections was perfectly possible by skin-to-skin contact and breathing the same air as someone who had been given the Covid-19 jab.

They also, unfortunately, add weight to the claims made by Dr Phillipe van Welbergen, who demonstrated that graphene, an alleged undisclosed ingredient of the Covid-19 injections, is being transmitted from the vaccinated to the not-vaccinated and destroying red blood cells and causing dangerous blood clots.

(very much reading in full)

Nor will the election change this:

Confidential Pfizer Docs & Official Gov. Reports confirm Covid-19 Vaccination is Destroying Immune Systems, Killing Hundreds of Thousands & Causing Infertility, Stillbirths & Cancer – via


Covid-19 Vaccination is decimating Immune Sytems

Authorities keep telling you that the Covid-19 vaccines lose effectiveness over time and this is why you need repeat booster shots. But they are lying.

It is impossible for a Covid-19 vaccine to lose effectiveness. Instead what we are witnessing is the degradation of the immune system of most people who have had more than one dose of the Covid-19 injection.

The Covid-19 vaccine is supposed to work by injecting mRNA into your body, which then invades your cells and instructs them to make the spike protein found on the alleged SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Once your body has produced millions of spike proteins, your immune system is supposed to get to work, rid the body of the spike proteins, and then remember to release those same antibodies if you ever encounter the actual alleged SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Please read the following diagram very carefully –

How can the Covid-19 vaccines possibly lose effectiveness when they are a gene therapy that invades your cells and instructs them to produce the alleged Covid-19 spike protein? It is your own immune system that does the rest of the work once this spike protein has been produced.

The vaccine doesn’t hang around waiting to spring into action if you ever happen to encounter the actual alleged Covid-19 virus.

So, when the authorities state that the effectiveness of the vaccines weakens over time, what they really mean is that the performance of your immune system weakens over time, and their own official data proves it.  (worth reading in full)

And if your friends, relatives or loved ones even get a hint of concern from you attempting to tell them a morsel of this… this is what you get:

Carrying on, for maybe no one but yourself, is indeed, a superhuman achievement. It’s about all we have left living among the apathetic’s.  And an election won’t change any of what these demons have brought upon the innocents, the unwilling, and the willing.

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