A Fine Quackery


The gods despise their earthly lieutenants and thusly, devise all sorts of clever scenarios to highlight their idiocy, stupidity and blind devotion to ineptitude and fuckery, knowing most of the unwashed will never see it.  It’s a favorite past time of the gods.

Give the presidency to a senile dipshit and sit back and watch the gaffe o’ meter tilt into overdrive anytime he opens his mouth. Allow an Italian lawn jockey to become the chief medical advisor to the prez of the U.S., and share hearty handshakes and slaps on the back watching the unwashed lap up whatever bat guano that exits the vent in his brain.  And arrange for a numbskull to become the director of the CDC – the gods have the popcorn ready for their latest vaudeville as she contracts the cornholio, again, this after being jabbed 5 times with the experimental chemical sludge her agency recommends. 

From the ‘Diaper Report’ dated 11/1/2022 by Eric Peters:  via ericpetersautos.com

This Report concerns the report – just released – that the “Vaccine” Queen herself, CDC Director Rochelle Wallensky, who has been “vaccinated” at least five times, has come down with the sickness she has been “vaccinated” against . . . five times.

If you needed to understand the distinction between comedy and farce, here you go.

Only it is something much worse, of course. Walensky is both a doctor and the head of the CDC being why. As a doctor, her continued pushing of these drugs that are anything but vaccines renders her medical opinion about anything having to do with medicine . . . farcical. Taking advice from a doctor who advocates the taking of medicine – to be generous – that not only has proved not to work as far as the originally stated purpose – i.e., to “stop the spread” – but also refuses to own up to the fact that people were deliberately misled about the “safety” as well as the efficacy of these not-vaccines is tantamount to continuing to take advice about car repairs from a mechanic who filled your car’s engine with transmission fluid.

The woman is a quack, at the least.

But also something far worse.

As a mere quack, she can only harm those unlucky enough to fall under her sway, who agree to take the salves and poultices she recommends. But they are free to not take her recommendations and – when word gets out that she is a quack – it will become increasingly difficult for her to practice “medicine.” There is also the possibility, at least, of holding her accountable in another way.

Via the courts.

Quacks can be sued. They can also be prosecuted. These serve as a check on quackery.

But this quack is also the head of the CDC – a bureaucracy with de facto legislative powers. Its “guidelines” and “recommendations” serving as de facto laws. It was the CDC – and this Walensky woman – who dictated to the country all manner of quackery, from the wearing of “masks” to the preposterous (and alienating-degrading) “practice” of “social distancing” from one another.

Laughing at her is not enough. Something more substantive is necessary. This brings up the related matter of those who not only followed – but insisted others follow – the quackery peddled by the CDC and this Walensky woman. That people be required to wear “masks.” That they be required to “mask” their kids. That those who refused to go along with this farce be treated like black people were treated in Apartheid-era South Africa or the Jim Crow-era South. No admittance. Not wanted here.

And worse than that.

Neither South African Apartheid nor the Jim Crow-era South ever went so far as to deny people the right to work or to visit one another, socially. To go to church – or the gym. These followers of Walensky – and Fauci – did all of that.

And worse

They fomented a mass panic about a “virus” they knew was no serious threat to literally almost everyone, for the knew that this is true of a “virus” that doesn’t kill 99 percent of those who catch it. They deliberately misled people by not explaining to people the difference between the case fatality rate and the infection fatality rate – a difference medical doctors know about but in this case declined to tell people about. And the only reason that makes sense for their not telling is because they didn’t want people to know the difference.

In order to keep them panicked.

They then used “masks” to create the image of a mass panic – and to set the bait for what they planned next. That being the “vaccines” – which they offered up as a way to take off the “masks” they had been forcing people to wear.

And then – finally – they lied about these drugs being “vaccines.” Which they know perfectly well they aren’t. A vaccine confers immunity. These drugs do not. A vaccine prevents the vaccinated from spreading the sickness they’ve been vaccinated against getting. These drugs do not.

And now – per a vile essay in The Atlantic – they want to let bygones be bygones.

Forgive – and forget.

And – at the same time – this horrid woman, who continues to get sick, continues to insist that the drugs she’s been pushing are vaccines – while at the same time using a new definition of “vaccines” that defines them as “reducing symptoms” and “decreasing the risk of hospitalization.”

She and other quacks have all the credibility of the quack-salvers of the Middle Ages, who treated patients by dosing them with mercury (and that’s the etymological origin of “quack”). But the quack-salvers of the Middle Ages were far less dangerous – and far less evil – than state-sponsored quackery and state-sponsored quacks such as “Dr. Rochelle Walensky.

Before there can be forgiveness there must be atonement. And then accountability. Until then, never forget what these quacks did to us – much less forgive it.


Tonight’s musical offering:

Beethoven ~ Symphony No. 7 ~ hr-Sinfonieorchester ∙ Andrés Orozco-Estrada

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