Common Sense Leaks Out

As comforting as an anvil falling on your head, one can get the same feeling when scientists confirm what common sense told folks who were listening to their common sense back when the scamdemic was being rolled out.  You mandate idiocy, the factory of sadness deteriorates into a cheap motel room on the shores of Lake Gehenna.

Scientists say Covid-19 measures to blame for spike in respiratory infections – via

Wuuut?  No way!

(LifeSiteNews) — Mandatory protocols implemented allegedly to curb the spread of COVID-19 have reportedly contributed to a spike in respiratory infections, particularly in children, as people have failed to develop immunity to common viruses over the past two years.

Scientists told CNN on Wednesday that this year’s “unprecedented” early surge in Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) infections in adults and children can be traced back to the so-called “immunity gap” caused by pandemic measures like masking, increased sanitization, social distancing, and lockdowns that, they said, stopped people from contracting and developing natural immunity to RSV infections.

Did you hear that, Tom?

The doctors who spoke with CNN on Wednesday, Dr. Kevin Messacar, an associate professor in the Department of Pediatrics at Children’s Hospital Colorado, and Rachel Baker, an epidemiologist and assistant professor at Brown University, had previously co-authored a commentary on the issue published this summer in The Lancet.

“Decreased exposure to endemic viruses created an immunity gap – a group of susceptible individuals who avoided infection and therefore lack pathogen-specific immunity to protect against future infection,” Baker and Messacar wrote.

They told CNN the “immunity gap” is fueling increased rates of infection this year as most communities and governments have dropped their lockdowns and mandates.

Messacar told the outlet that “[t]he degree of societal changes that occurred with the Covid pandemic really is unprecedented in modern day,” noting that the “changes” have contributed to spiking rates of RSV and influenza in adults and children.  (read more)

In other anvil-dropping-on-the-head news:

Single Use and Reusable Face Masks Found to Contain Cancer-Causing Titanium Dioxide – via

Wait! You mean wearing face diapers that enabled you to breathe in the carbon dioxide you just exhaled, along with accumulated spittle, snot and other lovely impurities isn’t safe?

The face masks that were supposed to protect your health may turn out to be detrimental to it, as increasing evidence points to toxins within their fibres. Titanium dioxide is one such toxin, one that’s particularly troubling in face masks because it is a suspected human carcinogen when inhaled.1

Not only have adults been unwittingly exposed to this likely cancer-causing substance due to widespread mask mandates put in place during the pandemic, but so too have children, whose bodies are especially vulnerable to toxic influences. Coupled with evidence suggesting that mask mandates and use did not lower the spread of Covid-19,2 forced mask mandates become all the more atrocious. (read more)

Who could have seen this?  We’ve had nothing but self-proclaimed geniuses for the past two years advocating against common sense and giving us the jive that since they are in charge, they know better.

If only so many more would have listened to their inner ‘bullshit’ meter and said something like this to all these arseholes…

…imagine the bullshit and completely unnecessary suffering that could have been avoided.

Sadly, even with hearing such news…how many people will finally stand up for themselves and their loved ones, saying BULLSHIT to this continued insanity being pushed?

Not many.


Tonight’s musical offering:

Paul Desmond & Jim Hall Quartet – Samba de Orfeu


    1. Makes me think of Lloyd Bridges in ‘Airplane’ movie when he says ‘i picked the wrong week for sniffing glue’. The next shot of him is with his hair on end. I think most of the world went on glue during 2020. That’s what you get for being glued to the telly!!

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