The last 20 to 25 minutes from today’s Richie Allen Show, I thought, were most compelling and interesting.  Of course, that’s just my opinion, which matters not a wit.

If interested, here’s the link…beginning around the 1:19:32 timestamp of the podcast.  richieallenpodcast – podomatic.  (free to listen)




Tonight’s musical offerings:

 Gounod ~ St. Cecilia Mass ~ Sanctus (HD)


W. A. Mozart – Laudate Dominum, KV 339 – Patricia Janečková – Sopran

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash



  1. That ritchie allen show is excellent! These creatures in human clothing KNOW they have it in the bag. They know that no one will resist them. There won’t be another civil war. No where! They have so many people injected and so many completely brain washed they can literally tell people what they did to them, why they did it and what they intend to do next and no one will stop them.

    in this country they come right out and say what they intend, what they got away with and what they want to do to us next…and they get away with it! there is no limit now. They have enough people sick, dead and dying from injections that they won’t lose their power. ever! There is no chance of an organization coming together to tell them to f. off. or to fight them.

    They have it in the bag…..or so they think. and so far. yes. they have it all. no stopping them.
    it will literally take a God or a world wide event outside their control to stop them. Will it come? I can only hope!

    Even though we are just one….I will go down giving them the middle finger! I can’t stop the rest of the world from cringing on their belly’s but I can stand and refuse to crawl. What I can do…I will do. Sadly, that is all we have left! The willingness to say NO! and to wave the middle finger at the same time.

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    1. Brilliant! Thank you, Highlander! What Richie said has been on my mind for a while, that being he doesn’t see any great surge of an awakening. I don’t see it either. And I think you’re spot on…at this point it will literally take a God or world wide event outside their control to stop them. Exactly…all we have left is the willingness to say NO, and our middle finger! Cheers!


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